2024 Second-Year Scouting Reports: Last Year’s Rookie Class, Revisited


It’s true that rookies are the shiny new toy in fantasy football, the piece that can be just about anything. But even though we’ve watched last year’s rookies for (in many cases) a year now, that doesn’t mean we have seen all they are or will ever be.

That’s where the Second-Year Scouting Reports come in.

As we head toward the start of the NFL and fantasy football season, our FTN Fantasy team is taking another look at last year’s rookie class. We’re examining what went right, what went wrong, and what we can expect from the shiny new toys of a year ago going forward. Bookmark this page and we’ll add new reports as they are published.

Second-Year Scouting Reports

Here is the schedule for all of our Second-Year Scouting Reports, and we’ll keep adding them all summer as we head toward the season.

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