Fantasy Football ADP 2024

2024 Fantasy Football ADP (Average Draft Position)

FTN’s fantasy football ADP tool lets you see the latest average draft position for the 2024 NFL season. Search by team, players, position.

The tool is updated daily by FTN.

Why is ADP important for fantasy football

Knowing a player’s average draft position (ADP) is crucial for strategizing in your fantasy football drafts. Being aware of where a player typically gets drafted allows you to gauge whether you can afford to wait another round to pick them or if you should draft them immediately.

Additionally, analyzing ADP trends can help identify which players are gaining or losing popularity and which ones may be undervalued or overvalued according to current drafting patterns. Get ahead of the curve with our fantasy football ADP tool,

What is fantasy football ADP?

ADP is the Average Draft Position for players in fantasy football drafts. When preparing for drafts, it is useful to see how other fantasy players value guys.