MLB Prop Tool

FTN MLB Player Prop Tool

What Is the FTN MLB Player Prop Tool?

The FTN MLB Player Prop tool is a brand new way to assist bettors with OVER/UNDER prop betting. It compiles the betting odds for nearly every MLB player prop from a variety of legal sportsbooks available in your respective state and displays it all on one page. This way, you’re able to ensure you get the best possible odds for any player prop you wager on and also see past results from previous weeks to see how the respective player fared.

Past results, odds comparison and line shopping for MLB player props are vital ways of ensuring profitability long-term. Just like shopping at the grocery store, why pay more for the same product elsewhere? Let FTN MLB Player Prop tool be your guide.

How to use the FTN MLB Player Prop Tool?

It’s quite simple to use the FTN MLB Player Prop tool but if you’re having difficulty, here’s a quick guide and what each drop-down menu will do:


This might be the most important feature of the FTN Player Prop tool. Seeing past results/statistics from a respective player and the closing betting line for those props is essential to projecting how a player will fare in his upcoming matchup.

Prop Type

“Prop Type” allows an FTN user to navigate between all the different player prop offerings for each respective player. For any given MLB game, sportsbooks can offer at least 20 different O/U player prop markets to bet on. In the MLB, passing yards, rushing yards, receiving yards and interceptions are quite popular and are most-bet markets for casual and seasoned bettors.

Understanding MLB Player Prop Odds

In order to bet on MLB player prop odds, you first need to understand what the betting odds are and lines mean. The numbers listed beside each player can be overwhelming to comprehend for novice bettors so FTN will help you understand these betting lines and how they’re compiled. This will enable you to utilize and take advantage of FTN Player Prop tool.

Every day during the MLB season, sportsbooks will use recent data to generate a potential statistical outcome for every player. The data that can impact these odds could be recent play, upcoming matchup, weather, injuries and statistical trends.

With quarterbacks, the most common O/U player prop is passing yards. For running backs, it’s rushing yards. For wide receivers, it’s receiving yards. Oddsmakers have a variety of statistics and data to harvest in an attempt to generate a betting line that’s as close to a 50-50 decision for the bettor. The decision for the bettor is whether the player will go OVER or UNDER the respective statistic.

MLB Player Prop Odds

MLB props, or propositions, are the latest craze in sports betting as they are considered a “game within a game” and don’t necessarily impact the final result. Some of the most popular betting props are for individual players and usually are statistical in nature, like how many catches a respective wide receiver will have in a game or how many yards a quarterback will throw for. Similar to totals, bettors can wager on these props with an OVER or UNDER option.

This is just the tip of the iceberg for MLB player prop odds and we’d recommend checking out the “Prop Shop” with FTN to see all the different markets available for key players. Another added bonus of the Prop Shop is it also offers an odds comparison tool to see which sportsbooks are offering better odds for a certain prop. It’s imperative for bettors to shop around and get the best value when betting on the MLB