WR/CB Matchups

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WR/CB Matchups Tool

The matchup column (MU) is our proprietary way of grading the matchup on a 0-100 scale with 0 being the worst and 100 highest advantage for the receiver. While matchup is important, we do not recommend you base your decisions solely on this column. For example, a WR3 who has a favorable matchup should not be started over a WR1 who is in a bad matchup in season-long fantasy football. We recommend using matchups to move players up or down slightly in your weekly rankings.

Tar% = Projected target share for the receiver
Rt = Routes run for WRs and routes covered for CBs
Tar% = Targets per route run for WRs and targets per route covered for CBs
YPRR = Yards per route run for WRs and yards per route covered for CBs
Air = Air yards per target (also known as aDOT)
MU = Matchup

Shadow situations are indicated in ALL CAPS

Tool is updated on Wednesday Evenings