PGA Majors Exemptions List

PGA Major Exemptions List – Projected Majors (2024)

In the PGA and professional golf, players are vying for a spot in the most prestigious tournaments: the four majors (the Masters, the U.S. Open, The Open Championship, and the PGA Championship).

However, navigating the path to these events can be complex. That’s why we made the PGA Major Exemptions List, a comprehensive tool designed to simplify the qualification process for both fans and fantasy players. This tool offers a detailed overview of every player’s Official World Golf Ranking (OWGR), PGA Championship points rank, their exemption status for the majors, and their odds of qualifying (if not exempt).

What the Tool Offers

  • Exemption Status: Discover which players are exempt from qualifying for the majors – meaning they are guaranteed a spot already.
  • OWGR and PGA Champ Points Rank: Understand where players stand in the global and PGA-specific rankings.
  • Qualification Odds: For those not exempt, the tool provides the percentage odds of qualifying.
  • Guaranteed and Expected Majors: See at a glance the number of majors a player is guaranteed to participate in, and their expected appearances based on current standings.

Leveraging the Exemption List for Best Ball PGA Drafting

Best Ball PGA drafting, a popular fantasy golf format, requires strategic insight and an in-depth understanding of player performances and potential. The PGA Major Exemptions List becomes an indispensable tool in this arena, offering drafters a competitive edge. Here’s how it enhances your drafting strategy:

  • Assess Risk and Reward: Understanding a player’s odds of qualifying for non-exempt majors allows drafters to make informed risk-reward decisions. Selecting a non-exempt player with high qualifying odds can be a strategic move, potentially leading to high returns.
  • Projected Performance: The guaranteed and expected majors data points offer insights into a player’s potential participation across the majors. Players expected to appear in more majors provide more opportunities for scoring in the Best Ball format.
  • Strategic Diversification: By analyzing exemption statuses and odds, drafters can strategically diversify their teams. Including a mix of exempt players and high-potential qualifiers ensures unique lineups.

Incorporating the PGA Major Exemptions List into your Best Ball drafting strategy allows for a nuanced approach to selecting your roster, ensuring that you’re not just picking players based on name recognition but on a comprehensive analysis of their potential impact in the majors.