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NFL Quarterback Rankings 2023

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Michael Dolan

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It’s time to rank everybody’s favorite position – quarterbacks.

It’s the most important position in the NFL by a landslide, and good or bad quarterback play can make or break a team’s season accordingly. The best of the bunch are capable of single-handedly elevating teams to greatness. Meanwhile, those on the opposite end of the spectrum all but guarantee their teams have no shot at success while they’re under center. 


To help formulate these rankings, I asked myself a simple question. “If I’m trying to win a Super Bowl this year, which quarterback room would I select to help me do it?”

Because quarterback is a position that’s largely operated by one individual, a team’s projected starter is the primary influence on these rankings. There are a few instances in this piece where noteworthy backups or guys competing for a starting role play a factor in their team’s rankings, but more often than not it’s one guy determining where a team falls on this list.

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2023 NFL Quarterback Rankings

Below is every team ranked 1-32 by how their quarterback room shapes up for 2023.

1. Kansas City Chiefs

(Quarterbacks: Patrick Mahomes, Blaine Gabbert, Shane Buechele, Chris Oladokun)

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We’ve hit the point where it’s more or less unquestioned who the best quarterback in the league is. This past February, Patrick Mahomes added another Super Bowl to his already lengthy resume, and the Chiefs are the favorites to win it all again this season. The NFL is going to run through Mahomes for the better part of the next decade, and usurping him from the top spot in these rankings won’t be an easy task for anyone. 

At 27 years old, Mahomes is in the early stage of his prime, and it’s scary to think that we may not have seen his best football yet. Coming into last season many questioned what the Chiefs offense would look like without Tyreek Hill. Not only did they avoid a decline, but they actually improved from their 2022 form as Mahomes proved capable of adapting his style of play while remaining elite. As long as he’s in town – regardless of what his supporting cast looks like – the Chiefs are going to be championship contenders.

<img src="" alt="

2. Cincinnati Bengals

(Joe Burrow, Trevor Siemian, Jake Browning)

Sometimes it’s as simple as “the guy who made back-to-back AFC Championships and has beaten the No. 1 guy on this list three out of four times is for real.” I’ll admit I was late to appreciate Joe Burrow’s game, but through three NFL seasons Burrow has proven he’s the guy Cincinnati envisioned when they drafted him first overall in 2020.

Burrow’s trademark traits are his poise and his accuracy. His poise has been on full display in some of the more exciting playoff games we’ve watched these past few years, and he’s starting to get that Tom Brady-esque quality about him where you know he’s going to get it done when the game’s on the line. Meanwhile his accuracy is a trait that’s much more easily measured. Even if you’re skeptical of the poise and clutchness of Burrow’s game, you can’t deny he’s a pinpoint passer. He finished second in the league in completion percentage last year (68%) just one year after finishing first in that same category (70% in 2021). Despite not having eye-popping physical traits, Burrow’s found a way to utilize what he does best to such a degree that he’s emerged as the second-best passer in the game.

3. Baltimore Ravens

(Lamar Jackson, Tyler Huntley, Anthony Brown, Josh Johnson)

<img src="" alt="

I guess many will consider this a hot take, but simply put, Lamar Jackson has the talent to be a one-man offense. The various ways he puts pressure on opposing defenses makes him a defensive coordinator’s worst nightmare and a top three quarterback in the NFL. While the postseason success hasn’t been there like it has for many of his AFC counterparts, we’re not far removed from an MVP campaign from Jackson. I’m expecting he returns to that MVP level form again in 2023 with Todd Monken calling the offense. 

Up until now Jackson’s been stuck in a Greg Roman offense that frequently utilized multiple tight ends and fullbacks. It wasn’t a pass-friendly offense, and I think it’s skewed the narrative that Jackson’s simply a “running quarterback.” He has elite arm talent with a lightning quick release, and a processor that makes it all work from inside or outside the pocket. Even if he were simply an above-average runner rather than the top tier playmaker he is, he’d still be a solid quarterback. The fact that he’s also one of the game’s deadliest weapons on the ground is what makes him one of the best.

<img src="" alt="

4. Buffalo Bills

(Josh Allen, Kyle Allen, Matt Barkley)

Even though I have him ranked fourth on this list, I expect many to say I’m too low on Josh Allen. Still, Allen’s presence has the Bills ranked in the “elite but not Mahomes” tier of quarterbacks on this list. To understand his impact, you don’t need to look much further than his efficiency stats. When looking at EPA / play, the only play type that’s been more efficient these past few years than a Patrick Mahomes drop back has been a Josh Allen drop back. 

As mentioned earlier, it’s unlikely anyone dethrones Mahomes as the best quarterback in the league anytime soon, but if someone were to do it, Allen may be the best bet. His freakish physical traits allow him to not only threaten every level of the defense with his arm, but his stature and rushing ability make him a nightmare to defend on the ground – especially in the red zone – as well. His resume may not be littered with trophies or championship game appearances like the three names ahead of him on this list, but the expectation is that those accolades will come before long.

<img src="" alt="

5. Los Angeles Chargers

(Justin Herbert, Easton Stick, Max Duggan)

In 2021, Justin Herbert led the league in passing yards, and last season he ranked second behind only Patrick Mahomes. We’re still in the early phases of Herbert’s career, yet he’s already made a very strong argument to be one of the game’s best passers. He’s got a rocket launcher of an arm, a lightning-quick processor, and the physical prowess to dominate from within or outside the pocket.

Herbert’s the type of guy you can simply give the keys to on offense and let him work. He does it all in Los Angeles as evidenced by the Chargers’ second ranked pass-run ratio (65%). With a new offensive coordinator and a potential No. 1 receiver added to the mix this offseason, it’s possible we see Herbert reach an even higher level this upcoming season, and that’s a scary thought for the rest of the league.

6. New York Jets

(Aaron Rodgers, Zach Wilson, Tim Boyle, Chris Streveler)

<img src="" alt="

At a glance, Aaron Rodgers’ 2022 season wasn’t the elite quarterbacking we’re used to, but on numerous occasions he showed flashes that indicate he’s still the magician that he’s always been. He still has the arm talent to rival just about anyone in the league, and even in a down year, you still saw a few throws every game from Rodgers that made you say wow. 

I mean come on now…

At 39 years old, Rodgers may not be at his absolute peak, but his ability to win with his mind has only gotten stronger with experience. He remains one of the best quarterbacks when it comes to reading defenses – both before and after the snap – and his cerebral style of play will surely come with him to New York. I think we see a rejuvenated Rodgers in 2023 as he dons a Jets uniform for the first time as he reminds everyone just how great he really is.

7. Philadelphia Eagles

(Jalen Hurts, Marcus Mariota, Tanner McKee, Ian Book)

Jalen Hurts Philadelphia Eagles 2023 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

Many want to anoint Jalen Hurts as a top-five quarterback after just one elite season, and while I think Hurts is a fantastic quarterback, he’s not quite on the level of some of the guys ranked ahead of him … Yet.

The thing that makes Hurts so special is how easy he makes the game for his teammates. Yes, his supporting cast is loaded, but his ability to serve as a threat on the ground opened up the Eagles offense and allowed them to stress opposing defenses in many different ways. He’s as dominant in the open field as any running back in the league, and he does a fantastic job of consistently making the smart, simple plays by taking what the defense is giving him and picking up the easy yards. 

Arguably the most impressive thing about Hurts though was the growth he showed as a passer. This past year, Hurts silenced any critics who doubted he had the arm to succeed in the NFL level, and he evolved into one of the game’s most accurate passers. Climbing these rankings any further will be a tall task for Hurts, but if 2023 contains as much growth as 2022 did, there’s no where he can go but up.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars

(Trevor Lawrence, C.J. Beathard, Nathan Rourke)

<img src="" alt="

2022 started to show us the Trevor Lawrence many expected to see coming out of Clemson. During his rookie year we saw flashes of his brilliance, but in year two those flashes started turning into consistent greatness. He pairs an arm that can attack every area of the field with sneaky athleticism and some of the best footwork in the league. He makes navigating the pocket look easy, and his quick feet allow him to constantly put himself in the right position to throw darts all over the field.

While Lawrence’s counting stats may not have been eye-popping, the playmaking ability he flashed showed up time and time again. He’s already established himself as one of the game’s best, and he may be even more impressive in 2023. Another year in Doug Pederson’s offense plus the addition of Calvin Ridley means defenses should be worried about what Lawrence is going to be capable of.

<img src="" alt="

9. Dallas Cowboys

(Dak Prescott, Cooper Rush, Will Grier)

While Dak Prescott may not commonly find himself categorized as “elite,” year in and year out he’s produced high-level passing attacks. He’s not the physical specimen many of the guys ranked above him are, but his mental processing before the snap is off the charts and he’s got more than enough arm talent to make defenses pay no matter what they dial up.

The biggest knock on Prescott is his lack of postseason success. For a guy who puts up the numbers he does, you’d like to see a postseason record better than 2-4. The NFC is once again wide open this year, so Prescott will have a chance to get himself over the hump in that regard in the near future. For now though, it’s hard to see him climbing much higher on this list.

10. Cleveland Browns

(Deshaun Watson, Joshua Dobbs, Dorian Thompson-Robinson, Kellen Mond)

<img src="" alt="

No one really knows what to expect from Deshaun Watson in 2023. He was an elite level talent prior to his off-field situation leading to a lot of missed time, but the games he started in 2022 didn’t imply a return to form is guaranteed. The number one question surrounding Watson now is can he shake the rust off, or is he simply washed? 

I’m in the camp that we’ll see the old Watson again in 2023. From an age perspective, he’s still in the prime of his career, and the talent and feel for the game he possesses shouldn’t simply disappear. With a full offseason and more time to acclimate to the change of scenery in Cleveland, I think we see elite quarterback play once again.

11. Los Angeles Rams

(Matthew Stafford, Stetson Bennett, Brett Rypien, Dresser Winn)

<img src="" alt="

Ranking the Rams on this list is no easy task, largely due to questions surrounding Matthew Stafford’s health. He proved in 2021 that he’s one of the game’s very best, but age and injury concerns mean we’re unsure what the Rams can get out of him in 2023. 

If healthy though, Stafford’s one of the game’s best pocket passers. He has arguably the most impressive arm in the league, and he pairs that arm with a willingness to consistently fit the ball in tight windows and make throws that causes fans to say wow. Unfortunately, that willingness can get him in trouble at times, but more often than not the good outweighs the bad. He’s proven capable of leading a team to the NFL’s ultimate goal – winning a Super Bowl – and a return to form in 2023 could easily put him back inside the top 10 of these rankings.

12. Minnesota Vikings

(Kirk Cousins, Nick Mullens, Jaren Hall)

<img src="" alt="

At this point in his career, we know exactly who Kirk Cousins is – one of the game’s best “game managers” at the quarterback position. Cousins isn’t the guy who can elevate the supporting cast around him, but he’s proven time and time again that he can succeed in the NFL.

Consistency is key for NFL quarterbacks and that’s one of Cousins’ best traits. Put a good team around him, and you feel confident about your chances of making the playoffs. The problem is, deep postseason runs have been absent from his resume, and it’s hard to build a juggernaut supporting cast when your quarterback is eating up a sizable portion of your cap space. 

13. Seattle Seahawks

(Geno Smith, Drew Lock, Holton Ahlers)

<img src="" alt="

The Seahawks were the Cinderella story of the 2022 season after they made the playoffs despite many thinking they’d be one of the worst teams in the league. One of the reasons many thought they’d be so bad was the quarterback position, but after years of filling a backup role for various teams, Geno Smith had a coming-out party. 

Smith’s rise last season came out of nowhere, but by pairing a strong arm with some surprising accuracy and veteran know-how, Smith was able to have a career year. If he’s able to repeat that performance again in 2023, Seattle could once again find themselves playing in January. It’s hard to predict a repeat performance from Smith after seeing years of underwhelming play, but if something about moving to Seattle helped him flip a switch, the Seahawks may have stumbled into a franchise quarterback in the most unorthodox way.

14. New York Giants

(Daniel Jones, Tyrod Taylor, Tommy DeVito)

<img src="" alt="

In year one of the Brian Daboll offense, Daniel Jones looked the part of a legitimate franchise quarterback. His sneaky athleticism helped unlock new levels of the Giants offense, and despite a lack of playmaking pass catchers for him to work with, Jones led the Giants to an upset playoff victory this past season.

Jones has always shown the physical skills that indicate he can be a team’s long-term quarterback, but he’s always had a knack for making backbreaking mistakes at inopportune time. Luckily this past year Jones posted career low marks in both interceptions (5) and fumbles (6) which should inspire optimism from Giants fans. If last year wasn’t a fluke and Jones is actually able to limit the turnovers from here on out, the $160 million contract the Giants handed him this past season won’t look as crazy as it did when he initially signed it.

15. Miami Dolphins

(Tua Tagovailoa, Mike White, Skylar Thompson, James Blackman)

<img src="" alt="

Don’t tell Tuanon, but until proven otherwise, Tua Tagovailoa is nothing more than a system quarterback. Tagovailoa has some extremely impressive traits – including some pinpoint short area accuracy, and uncanny anticipation that allows him to constantly stay one step ahead of the opposing defense. 

The problem with Tagovailoa’s game is simply that his arm is limited. Even with elite downfield threats Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle on his team, Tagovailoa struggled to beat defenses over the top. Still, there’s a lot to like about Tagovailoa’s game, and he proved capable of leading one of the league’s most impressive offenses this past season. I’m not convinced his ceiling is any higher than a guy like Kirk Cousins’ but with an offense like Miami’s that could be more than enough to put up points in bunches. 

16. Tennessee Titans

(Ryan Tannehill, Will Levis, Malik Willis)

<img src="" alt="

The Titans are in a very interesting spot with quarterback. Ryan Tannehill’s proven to be a competent starter during his time in Tennessee, but he hasn’t shown enough to prevent the team from looking for an upgrade. The Titans have drafted a quarterback in the past two drafts, and while Malik Willis may not last long in the NFL, it sounds like the team has big plans for 2023 second-round pick Will Levis.

Levis is a toolsy quarterback who has a cannon of an arm but didn’t show the decision-making ability and feel for the game to warrant a first-round selection. Luckily for the rookie, his spot behind Tannehill on the depth chart gives him an opportunity to learn behind the veteran, and potentially flash some of the ceiling his physical traits indicate he’s capable of reaching as early as 2024. In 2023 though, Levis’ status on the team doesn’t move the needle a ton, but it does give the Titans a bit more upside than they would have had otherwise.

<img src="" alt="

17. Detroit Lions

(Jared Goff, Nate Sudfeld, Hendon Hooker, Adrian Martinez)

The Lions were one of the more popular bandwagon teams last year. Not many expected them to be impressive in 2022, but they finished the season with one of the most impressive offenses in the league. Doing so is basically an impossible task without impressive quarterback play, and Jared Goff rose to the challenge.

While Goff isn’t a world beater by any stretch of the imagination, he’s shown on numerous occasions that he can lead an impressive offense. He’s got an arm that can make every throw in the playbook, and when things are going right, he can look like a top-10 quarterback in the league. The problem is, when things go wrong, Goff really struggles. He doesn’t handle pressure well, and it’s rare to see him create something out of structure. He’s the definition of a game manager, which is fine to a certain extent, but definitely limits Detroit’s offensive ceiling.

18. San Francisco 49ers

(Brock Purdy, Trey Lance, Sam Darnold, Brandon Allen)

<img src="" alt="

The 49ers are without question the hardest group to rank on this list. The flashes we saw from Brock Purdy late last season indicate he’s capable of being a solid passer in the NFL. Distinguishing Purdy’s success from team success though is a very tough task – let’s not forget Jimmy Garoppolo started out his 49er career with a 5-0 record back in 2017.

If nothing else, the 49ers should feel safe that they have a respectable floor with Purdy. What props them up a bit higher on this list is the fact that they also have a wild card up their sleeve in Trey Lance. If Purdy’s the floor for this offense, Lance represents their ceiling. It was unfortunate to see him get injured early in 2022, but the San Francisco front office made that splashy trade to acquire him back in 2021 for a reason, and I believe they’re still holding out hope that he can be the one that elevates this team to the next level. 


19. Chicago Bears

(Justin Fields, P.J. Walker, Nathan Peterman, Tyson Bagent)

Justin Fields Chicago Bears 2023 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

Justin Fields has become everybody’s favorite breakout quarterback after some electric performances in 2022. He’s a top-three rushing threat at the position, and there’s an argument to be made that he’s the best quarterback in the business when running in the open field. His prowess in this area of the field puts opposing defenses in a constant bind, and if he can pair that ability with above-average passing skills, the Bears will skyrocket up these rankings.

Unfortunately at this stage of his career, Fields hasn’t shown the passing ability to put him above league average. He has the arm talent to get it done, but he’s been far too inconsistent to feel confident that you can build a strong passing game around him. Luckily for Fields and the Bears, there’s a path for him to reach stardom in the near future. Fields’ situation feels eerily similar to where Jalen Hurts was last year, and we all saw how that turned out. While Hurts-like leaps aren’t common, if Fields can take a big step as a passer this year, he can quickly become one of the most dangerous quarterbacks in the league.

20. New Orleans Saints

(Derek Carr, Jameis Winston, Jake Haener)

Derek Carr New Orleans Saints 2023 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

The addition of Derek Carr provides the Saints with a much-needed boost in their quarterback room. He’s a relatively safe quarterback with a playing style that tends to keep it close to the vest. He doesn’t turn the ball over very often or take many sacks, but unfortunately this style of play frequently leaves some meat on the bone for his offenses. 

Carr’s proven capable of quarterbacking a playoff-caliber offense, and it’ll be interesting to see how he fares in year one in New Orleans. His arm, athleticism, and veteran savvy indicate he’s capable of being a more impressive quarterback than the ranking on this list indicates. Until he takes the training wheels off his style of play though, he’ll never be more than league average.

Russell Wilson Denver Broncos 2023 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

21. Denver Broncos

(Russell Wilson, Jarrett Stidham, Jarrett Guarantano, Ben DiNucci)

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. 

Determining whether Russell Wilson’s 2022 performance is the new norm or simply a down year is no easy task. The Broncos offense was atrocious last year, and many pointed the finger at Wilson, who appears to have lost a step (or two) these past few seasons. 

Wilson’s obviously been an elite talent at points of his career, but his style of play is more limited than many who simply know his name may seem. He only knows how to succeed in one type of offense, and his avoidance of the middle of the field puts major limitations on his playcallers. He’s still able to make impressive throws from time to time, and he may still throw the prettiest “moon ball” in the entire league, but it’s starting to look pretty obvious that at this stage of his career, Wilson isn’t the superstar Denver thought he was when they acquired him.

22. Arizona Cardinals

(Kyler Murray, Colt McCoy, Clayton Tune, Jeff Driskel, David Blough)

Kyler Murray Arizona Cardinals 2023 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

Another team that’s nearly impossible to rank here is the Arizona Cardinals, and where they fall ultimately comes down to the health of Kyler Murray. If we knew Murray would be healthy come Week 1 (or even for most of the season), the Cardinals would find themselves near the top 10 of this list. However, if news came out in the other direction, knowing that Colt McCoy would be the starter for a majority of 2023 would push Arizona down near the very bottom.

Timeline-wise, it’s reasonable to expect Murray’s capable of playing at least some football 2023. The problem is, the Cardinals are going to be bad… Very bad.

With two first-round picks in their pocket in 2024 (their own and Houston’s), there’s speculation that Arizona may be willing to punt this season in exchange for some high draft capital in a draft class that’s expected to be loaded with superstar talent at the top. Whether they go that route or not remains to be seen, but for the time being, having roughly 50% of Kyler Murray has the Cardinals ranked 22nd on this list.

23. New England Patriots

(Mac Jones, Bailey Zappe, Trace McSorley, Malik Cunningham)

Mac Jones New England Patriots 2023 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

After a disastrous 2022 season for the New England offense, it may be hard to remember that we’re just one year removed from Mac Jones being ranked by his peers as one of the 100 best players in all of football. 

So how much of that disastrous 2022 season was on Mac Jones? The Patriots made a peculiar decision to anoint Matt Patricia – a longtime defensive coach – as their playcaller on offense last year. The offense as a whole unsurprisingly struggled, and Mac Jones was no exception.

Jones is much more of a facilitator than a true playmaker at the quarterback position. With an underwhelming group of playmakers around him, it’s hard to envision him climbing much further up these rankings in 2023. However, having a competent coaching staff around him once again could provide him with at least a slight bump. He has the look of a mid-to-low end starter who can stick around the league for a few years, but betting on Jones to be the guy who ever gets a team over the hump feels overly optimistic at this point.

24. Washington Commanders

(Sam Howell, Jacoby Brissett, Jake Fromm, Tim DeMorat)

Similar to the 49ers, it’s the combination of upside and safe floor that have the Commanders a little higher than some may expect on this list. Washington added Jacoby Brissett to their roster this offseason. Through seven NFL seasons, Brissett has proven that he’s capable of being a low-end starting quarterback. He’s not going to wow anybody, but he knows how to run an NFL offense and can serve as a guy who you can win with, but not win because of.

The way Washington would climb further up this list would be if they get a spark from their penciled in starter – Sam Howell. While history indicates it’s unlikely the 2022 fifth-round pick amounts to much, he’s got a talented arm and the narrative surrounding him in Washington comes with plenty of optimism. Brissett’s floor with the potential ceiling of Howell has the Commanders in a respectable spot on these rankings.

25. Pittsburgh Steelers

(Kenny Pickett, Mitch Trubisky, Mason Rudolph, Tanner Morgan)

Kenny Pickett Pittsburgh Steelers 2023 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

Year one of the Kenny Pickett era in Pittsburgh was OK, but I don’t think the lone first-round quarterback from the 2022 class did much to associate his name with the title of “franchise quarterback.” Pickett’s a solid athlete who can make plays with his feet either by picking up yards on his own or by extending plays outside the pocket. The problem is, his arm is mediocre at best, and consistency was lacking throughout his rookie campaign.

Being inconsistent isn’t out of the norm for rookie quarterbacks. As Pickett gains experience, consistency should come, but the question is, can he consistently be great? Without a trademark calling card or elite trait, it’s going to be difficult for Pickett to consistently beat NFL defenses. He can make splashy plays from time to time, but he’s got a ways to go before the Steelers consider him their guy for the long haul.

Jordan Love Green Bay Packers 2023 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

26. Green Bay Packers

(Jordan Love, Sean Clifford, Danny Etling)

The Jordan Love era is slated to officially kick off in 2023. It’s been an interesting start to Love’s career, but he’s finally ready to show the world what he can do after sitting behind Aaron Rodgers for three seasons. We don’t have much NFL tape to evaluate Love’s game on yet, but in a limited sample size we’ve seen flashes of some impressive arm talent that’s unfortunately paired with a not-so-intuitive feel for the game. 

Even though Love’s been in the NFL for a few seasons now, he remains inexperienced. I’d expect his lack of in-game reps to lead to a 2023 season that looks similar to that of a rookie with plenty of ups and downs. 


27. Indianapolis Colts

(Anthony Richardson, Gardner Minshew, Sam Ehlinger)

We’ve officially entered rookie QB territory. While Anthony Richardson was the third quarterback drafted this year, I still believe he’s the best of the bunch, and the most capable of making an immediate impact. Immediately upon entering the NFL, Richardson will be one of the game’s most dangerous ball carriers at the quarterback position. Much like some of the highly ranked names on this list, Richardson’s dual-threat ability will force opposing defenses to play left-handed, and his prowess on the ground could elevate Indianapolis into one of the league’s best rushing attacks in 2023.

Richardson’s got a ways to go before he becomes a top-tier passer in the league, but he’s got the arm talent to pull it off in due time. Consistency was lacking during his time in college, but with good coaching and the long leash that comes with being a top-five pick in the NFL draft means he may reach that ceiling and turn into one of the game’s very best.

28. Houston Texans

(C.J. Stroud, Davis Mills, Case Keenum)

C.J. Stroud Houston Texans 2023 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

No. 2 overall pick C.J. Stroud isn’t the flashiest quarterback on the planet, but he knows how to get it done consistently from inside the pocket. He’s the most accurate of the incoming rookie quarterbacks, and he’s got an old school style of play that allows him to dice opposing defenses up with a statuesque style of play.

Like all rookies, it’ll take some adjusting before Stroud’s play translates to success in the NFL – especially given the weak supporting cast around him. Talented arms only take you so far in the NFL, and the adjustment he’ll face going from playing at Ohio State, where his team was consistently more talented than their opponents (by a wide margin), to the Texans, a team on the other end of that spectrum, won’t be easy. There will surely be some growing pains in the early stages of Stroud’s career, but if he can get beyond them, he’s got the tools to be a solid yet unspectacular quarterback in this league for a long time. 

29. Carolina Panthers

(Bryce Young, Andy Dalton, Matt Corral)

Many may find it strange that the first overall pick in this year’s draft is the lowest-rated rookie on this list. Bryce Young is the best “playmaker” of the bunch, but the size concerns really do worry me, and I think his physical stature is going to prevent him from finding long-term success in the NFL.

Of course, being told he’s “too small” is nothing new for Young. Throughout his football career he’s overcome his lack of size with off-the-charts instincts and poise, and it’s pretty obvious that he possesses the clutch gene. All of these things can lead to success at the NFL level if once again Young can prove that his lack of size isn’t a limiting factor.

He’s a fun player to watch and I’ll be rooting for him to succeed in the NFL. I’ll definitely need to see him find success on an NFL field before I’m willing to overlook the size concerns though.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

(Baker Mayfield, Kyle Trask, John Wolford)

The saying goes, “If you have two quarterbacks, you don’t have any,” and that’s the world the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are living in right now. It’s a bad sign for your season when the viral clips from your offseason activities involve not one, but both of your top quarterbacks missing throw after throw in routine passing drills. Unfortunately for Buccaneer fans, that’s where Tampa Bay finds themselves entering 2023.

While Baker Mayfield still has some name value and pedigree from being a former No. 1 overall pick, he’s probably not a starting-caliber quarterback in the NFL anymore. Pair this with Kyle Trask, a second-round pick in 2021 who’s yet to show anything on an NFL field, and the Bucs are in trouble under center this upcoming season. 

31. Las Vegas Raiders

(Jimmy Garoppolo, Brian Hoyer, Aidan O’Connell, Chase Garbers)

Jimmy Garoppolo Las Vegas Raiders 2023 Fantasy Football Quarterback Rankings

I’m not sure the casual football world is ready for what Jimmy Garoppolo is going to look like without an elite coaching staff and an elite supporting cast. While Garoppolo has looked fine when simply checking the box scores in recent years, there’s a reason San Francisco was anxious to move on from their limited passer. He’s a very limited quarterback who struggles to attack certain areas of the field, doesn’t offer anything as a runner, and has a tendency to make crucial mistakes in key moments.

Now, not only is Garoppolo a limited passer, but he’s also injured and may not even be with the team any more as the Raiders have the option to void his contract for medical reasons that were undisclosed at the time of signing. If you thought the downgrade Davante Adams experienced last year from Aaron Rodgers to Derek Carr was bad, just wait until he’s on the receiving end of some Garoppolo passes… 

32. Atlanta Falcons

(Desmond Ridder, Taylor Heinicke, Logan Woodside, Austin Aune)

There’s a lot of excitement around the weapons in the Falcons offense this year, but the one big question is “what about the quarterback?” Second-year passer Desmond Ridder is in line to start for the Falcons this year, and I’m not convinced that’s going to be any sort of an upgrade from Marcus Mariota last year. Out of all the quarterbacks expected to start on this list, Ridder ranked third to last in yards per completion (9.7%) and well below average in completion percentage (63%). 

At face value, those numbers may not be too concerning for a rookie. What does concern me though is the fact that Ridder ranked poorly despite playing in a very QB-friendly offense. The Falcons were a run-first offense, and opposing defenses played them accordingly. Despite a heavy dosage of play-action passes and “QB friendly” playcalls, Ridder was never really able to find his footing. 

Is there room for him to improve in 2023? Sure, but year one didn’t look promising for the third-round rookie, and I’m not going to be holding my breath anticipating year two will look much different.

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