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Fantasy Football Start/Sit: Week 8

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The full schedule of Week 8 games may save you from your bye-week troubles. But it may add a different sort of fantasy conundrum with formerly obvious fantasy starters like Trevor Lawrence, Najee Harris and Michael Thomas suddenly near the start-or-sit line. Which brand names should you sit this week? Read my Start and Sit column for Week 8 to find out.


The positional rankings and projected fantasy point totals rely on half-PPR scoring. The listed start/sit calls assume a 12-team league with 2 running back, 3 wide receiver, 1 tight end and 1 flex starting lineup spots. If your league is different, I recommend you start my higher ranked players over my lower ranked players.

You can find my weekly rankings and those of other FTN writers here.

Fantasy Football Start/Sit: Week 8


fantasy football week 8 sit-start quarterbacks qbs

7. Kirk Cousins, MIN at GB

37.4-275-1.87-0.71 and 1.4-3-0.10 = 17.9

8. Joe Burrow, CIN at SF

36.9-249-1.59-0.74 and 3.0-11-0.22 = 17.2

9. Jared Goff, DET vs. LV

34.7-258-1.74-0.52 and 1.4-2-0.09 = 17.0

Jared Goff did some major damage to his Lions’ reputation as a top-tier team and his own MVP chances with a 38-6 loss to the Ravens Sunday. But frequent start/sit readers likely recognize that Goff has averaged 6.7 more fantasy points per game at home than on the road since he joined the Lions in 2021, by far the most extreme split among current starters. Don’t overreact to that disappointment in Baltimore. Goff is a strong bet to bounce back in Detroit this week, and I rank him as a top-10 quarterback for fantasy.

10. C.J. Stroud, HST at CAR

34.9-269-1.40-0.38 and 2.2-7-0.07 = 16.7

C.J. Stroud Houston Texans Week 8 Fantasy Football Start/Sit

C.J. Stroud was quiet by his own excellent fantasy standards with 199 yards, two touchdowns and a pick in Week 6 versus the Saints. But if that performance suggested either personnel or opponent considerations, neither of those should hurt Stroud in Week 8. The rookie passer should have rookie receiver Tank Dell back in his lineup after an extra bye week of rest from his early-October concussion. And the Texans pivot from the best NFC South defense in the Saints (-8.2% defensive DVOA, seventh) to the worst NFC South defense in the Panthers (15.7%, 30th). Put Stroud back in even your shallow-league lineups.

11. Dak Prescott, DAL vs. LA

34.0-241-1.72-0.85 and 2.6-12-0.08 = 16.5

I thought the public was more aware of Dak Prescott’s traditional home/road splits — which stand 3.3 fantasy points per game higher at home than on the road the last five-plus seasons — than they were of Jared Goff’s home/road splits. But everyone seemed to interpret Prescott’s modest 143-0-0, 249-1-1, 153-1-3, and 272-1-0 passing lines in New York, Arizona, San Francisco and Los Angeles as a referendum on the Cowboys as a whole. I’m definitely not there. I expect Prescott to perform well in Dallas this week and see him as a fantasy QB1 in his pass-friendly home dome stadium.

12. Russell Wilson, DEN vs. KC

31.1-220-1.56-0.62 and 2.8-21-0.08 = 16.3

Russell Wilson has slipped dramatically from his 254-yard and 2.3-touchdown standard from the first four weeks to 162-yard and 1.3-touchdown averages the last three weeks. But he has slipped in part because of a pair of halftime leads against the Jets and Packers that spurred run-positive gamescripts and modest totals of 31 and 29 pass attempts. It didn’t happen in Week 6 in Kansas City. But I think it’s a decent bet that Wilson will throw more and throw deeper with a multi-score deficit to the Chiefs in Denver this Sunday. And I would consider starting Wilson because of those fantasy-friendly expected circumstances.

fantasy football week 8 sit-start quarterbacks qbs

13. Trevor Lawrence, JAX at PIT

35.2-242-1.30-0.60 and 3.5-18-0.07 = 15.9

Trevor Lawrence has lost his QB1 grip thanks to Travis Etienne’s and Tank Bigsby’s combined five touchdown runs inside the 6-yard line and four explosive touchdown runs of 15 or more yards. A couple could have been poor luck, but 10 feels like a play-calling trend. That said, Lawrence makes a compelling fantasy case with a 20% carry share that is sixth highest among quarterbacks. I wouldn’t mind betting on his bounce back from his 1.36 expected touchdown shortfall to start the season. He clearly has the talent for a top 10 touchdown surplus and fantasy ranking.

14. Geno Smith, SEA vs. CLV

32.6-241-1.50-0.69 and 2.7-9-0.04 = 15.4

Geno Smith Seattle Seahawks Week 8 Fantasy Football Start/Sit

Geno Smith took a positive regression step for his top 10 total of 37 red zone pass attempts with two touchdowns versus the Cardinals last Sunday. But this isn’t the week to go out on any Smith limbs with the fearsome Browns defense coming to town. Leave the Seahawks starter on your fantasy benches.

15. Gardner Minshew, IND vs. NO

36.9-274-1.29-0.96 and 1.8-6-0.08 = 15.3

16. Sam Howell, WAS vs. PHI

35.3-241-1.41-0.95 and 2.6-15-0.06 = 15.2

17. Jordan Love, GB vs. MIN

32.4-214-1.56-1.04 and 2.7-17-0.12 = 15.1

18. Tyrod Taylor, NYG vs. NYJ

33.2-233-1.20-0.63 and 3.6-15-0.05 = 14.7

19. Matthew Stafford, LA at DAL

35.5-265-1.24-0.85 and 1.1-4-0.06 = 14.6

20. Baker Mayfield, TB at BUF

34.0-228-1.39-0.75 and 3.1-11-0.03 = 14.5

Running Backs

fantasy football week 8 sit-start quarterbacks qbs

18. Aaron Jones, GB vs. MIN

10.1-49-0.24 and 4.6-3.5-29-0.21 = 12.3

19. James Cook, BUF vs. TB

12.5-60-0.29 and 3.4-2.6-24-0.09 = 11.9

20. Rachaad White, TB at BUF

14.4-50-0.33 and 3.9-3.5-24-0.09 = 11.6

21. Rhamondre Stevenson, NE at MIA

11.4-42-0.31 and 4.5-3.5-24-0.08 = 10.7

22. Zack Moss, IND vs. NO

11.5-53-0.33 and 2.9-2.3-16-0.08 = 10.5

23. Javonte Williams, DEN vs. KC

11.7-51-0.23 and 3.4-2.6-15-0.07 = 9.7

24. Brian Robinson, WAS vs. PHI

12.5-49-0.41 and 1.9-1.5-11-0.06 = 9.5

25. Alexander Mattison, MIN at GB

10.8-43-0.34 and 3.2-2.2-13-0.12 = 9.5

Alexander Mattison suffered a predictable volume shortage with just 8 carries and 10 touches against the stout 49ers defense on Monday night. But I don’t think it’s fair to blame Mattison’s modest fantasy performances on his team’s Cam Akers trade. The incumbent Vikings back has played more than 50% of snaps every week this season, and I am projecting him for a 48.5% carry share that is tied for 18th among backs in Week 8. I would stick with him and hope for a bounceback from his top three expected touchdown shortfall.

26. Darrell Henderson, LA at DAL

11.5-47-0.38 and 2.3-1.7-12-0.06 = 9.4

Darrell Henderson Los Angeles Rams Week 8 Fantasy Football Start/Sit

Darrell Henderson made easy work of an expected Zach Evans breakout and his own previous practice squad status with a 57% snap share and 19 touches in Week 7. I’m not super confident Henderson will see that workhorse role every week that Kyren Williams misses. But I am projecting the past-and-present Rams back for a 45.5% carry share that is 25th highest in Week 8. Even without a bye this week, I see Henderson as a flex starter.

27. Jaylen Warren, PIT vs. JAX

7.9-34-0.18 and 4.3-3.5-26-0.07 = 9.3

Jaylen Warren may be trending as a fantasy scorer thanks to his Week 7 touchdown. But the sophomore receiving back has played an extremely consistent 40-49% of snaps every week behind Najee Harris’ 49-58% shares. I don’t think anything has changed in this backfield. But Warren does have flex value in half- and full-PPR formats thanks to his 15% target share.

28. Kareem Hunt, CLV at SEA

11.2-43-0.43 and 2.2-1.7-12-0.05 = 9.2

Kareem Hunt suffered a likely fantasy blow when Deshaun Watson was ruled out for Week 8. But I am projecting the presumed new Browns running back starter for a 43.5% carry share that is 29th highest at the position in Week 8. And that share spurs a back-end flex value even with likely fewer team rushing attempts with PJ Walker under center.

29. Gus Edwards, BLT at ARZ

13.9-58-0.40 and 0.9-0.7-6-0.02 = 9.2

The Ravens have done their best to frustrate Gus Edwards and Justice Hill fantasy forecasters in yo-yoing their respective snap shares the first six weeks and settling at a literal 50/50 split in Week 7. But by hook or by crook, Edwards has 10-15 carries each of the last six weeks. He doesn’t catch passes and so pretty much has to score to make it work in typical fantasy formats. But Edwards should have a higher chance to do that than Hill and most other backs thanks to his 238-pound frame and explosive Ravens offense. He is my final flex start in half-PPR this week.

fantasy football week 8 sit-start quarterbacks qbs

30. Chuba Hubbard, CAR vs. HST

12.2-54-0.27 and 2.0-1.6-11-0.04 = 9.1

As an unhealthily frequent Panthers watcher, I’m all but convinced Chuba Hubbard is a better runner than Miles Sanders. Hubbard certainly has the edge with an 18.5% versus an 8.2% broken tackle rate, the latter of which is third worst among the 36 backs with 50 or more carries this season. But Sanders has been playing through a groin injury. And the team’s Week 6 bye may have helped him and pushed the Panthers into a backfield time share. I am projecting Hubbard for a 47.5% carry share that is 21st at the position. But he seems likely to yield more catches to Sanders, and the Panthers have a bottom-five carry total thanks to frequent pass-friendly gamescripts. I would sit Hubbard in fantasy for now.

31. Najee Harris, PIT vs. JAX

13.2-51-0.30 and 2.0-1.5-10-0.07 = 9.1

The Steelers backfield split may not have changed. But I’ve grown more confident that their run-blocking is one of the worst in football. The Steelers’ 3.77 adjusted line yards is seventh worst, and that makes it difficult to bet on the early-down- and power-oriented Harris in fantasy.

32. Miles Sanders, CAR vs. HST

11.1-46-0.33 and 2.9-2.0-11-0.04 = 9.0

I am projecting Miles Sanders for a 42.5% carry share and 9.0% target share, 31st and 24th at the position this week. I think the Panthers backfield is too muddled to a make a stand in Week 8.

33. Dameon Pierce, HST at CAR

13.4-44-0.39 and 2.0-1.5-11-0.04 = 8.9

Dameon Pierce might well enjoy a fantasy breakout facing a Panthers opponent that is a bad efficiency outlier with a 22.6% run defense DVOA. But the Texans may not have the run-blocking to take full advantage with a bottom third 3.91 adjusted line yards. But Pierce played a season low 33% of snaps and yielded a season high 54% of snaps to his teammate Devin Singletary in Week 6 before their bye. And I’m nervous enough to recommend you sit Pierce in traditional fantasy formats this week. Save the sophomore power back for your DFS stacks.

34. Ezekiel Elliott, NE at MIA

10.7-41-0.41 and 2.3-1.7-10-0.05 = 8.6

AJ Dillon Green Bay Packers Week 8 Fantasy Football Start/Sit

Ezekiel Elliott nabbed an early touchdown in the Patriots’ upset win over their rival Bills last Sunday. But the former Cowboys star played his typical 35% of snaps and trailed his teammate Rhamondre Stevenson’s 65% share. Elliott will likely need a Patriots lead to rack up 12 or more touchdowns. And I wouldn’t bet on that in Miami this weekend.

35. AJ Dillon, GB vs. MIN

10.6-39-0.34 and 2.1-1.5-12-0.04 = 8.2

AJ Dillon played a higher than usual 56% versus 36% share for Aaron Jones in the latter’s return from a hamstring injury in Week 7. But the former hardly took advantage with 61 rushing yards on 15 carries despite a tremendous Broncos matchup. And Dillon rarely catches passes. If Jones plays in any capacity in Week 8, then I suggest you sit Dillon except in your deeper formats.

36. Devin Singletary, HST at CAR

9.9-43-0.30 and 1.6-1.2-8-0.04 = 7.8

37. Tyler Allgeier, ATL at TEN

11.5-42-0.31 and 1.4-1.1-8-0.03 = 7.6

38. Emari Demercado, ARZ vs. BLT

9.3-37-0.24 and 2.3-1.7-11-0.04 = 7.3

39. Roschon Johnson, CHI at LAC

7.1-32-0.24 and 2.3-1.9-13-0.06 = 7.2

40. D’Onta Foreman, CHI at LAC

8.1-37-0.25 and 1.8-1.3-9-0.05 = 7.0

41. Tyjae Spears, TEN vs. ATL

4.9-24-0.12 and 2.9-2.2-17-0.07 = 6.3

42. Latavius Murray, BUF vs. TB

6.8-29-0.29 and 1.5-1.2-8-0.04 = 6.2

43. Pierre Strong, CLV at SEA

8.1-37-0.27 and 0.8-0.6-4-0.02 = 6.1

44. Justice Hill, BLT at ARZ

6.4-30-0.22 and 1.8-1.6-8-0.03 = 6.1

45. Kenneth Gainwell, PHI at WAS

7.1-28-0.26 and 1.7-1.3-9-0.04 = 6.1

46. Cam Akers, MIN at GB

7.9-29-0.23 and 1.6-1.3-9-0.04 = 6.0

47. Antonio Gibson, WAS vs. PHI

3.1-12-0.10 and 2.8-2.2-19-0.09 = 5.3

48. Jaleel McLaughlin, DEN vs. KC

4.6-25-0.13 and 2.0-1.5-10-0.06 = 5.3

49. Royce Freeman, LA at DAL

8.6-34-0.20 and 0.7-0.5-3-0.01 = 5.3

50. Joshua Kelley, LAC vs. CHI

7.0-30-0.22 and 1.1-0.7-5-0.02 = 5.2

51. Jamaal Williams, NO at IND

6.6-25-0.29 and 0.7-0.6-4-0.01 = 5.0

52. Jerick McKinnon, KC at DEN

1.7-7-0.05 and 2.7-2.1-17-0.15 = 4.6

Wide Receivers

fantasy football week 8 sit-start quarterbacks qbs

19. Jordan Addison, MIN at GB

7.4-4.8-65-0.41 = 11.4

20. Nico Collins, HST at CAR

6.8-4.4-72-0.29 = 11.2

21. Brandon Aiyuk, SF vs. CIN

6.7-4.6-69-0.30 = 11.2

22. Christian Kirk, JAX at PIT

7.5-5.2-63-0.35 = 11.2

23. Drake London, ATL at TEN

8.0-5.1-62-0.39 = 11.1

24. Chris Olave, NO at IND

9.0-5.2-66-0.31 = 11.1

25. Zay Flowers, BLT at ARZ

7.5-5.4-62-0.31 = 11.0

26. Chris Godwin, TB at BUF

8.0-5.6-62-0.30 = 10.8

27. DK Metcalf, SEA vs. CLV

7.0-4.5-59-0.41 = 10.7

28. Joshua Palmer, LAC vs. CHI

7.7-4.7-64-0.32 = 10.6

29. Deebo Samuel, SF vs. CIN

5.7-3.5-49-0.23 = 10.5

30. Jakobi Meyers, LV at DET

7.3-4.9-53-0.41 = 10.3

31. Diontae Johnson, PIT vs. JAX

8.3-5.1-58-0.29 = 10.2

32. Marquise Brown, ARZ vs. BLT

8.6-4.8-55-0.34 = 10.2

33. Courtland Sutton, DEN vs. KC

6.7-4.5-54-0.40 = 10.0

34. DeVonta Smith, PHI at WAS

7.2-4.7-59-0.30 = 10.0

35. Tyler Lockett, SEA vs. CLV

6.7-4.6-55-0.36 = 10.0

36. Christian Watson, GB vs. MIN

6.8-4.0-56-0.34 = 9.9

37. Gabe Davis, BUF vs. TB

6.0-3.6-57-0.40 = 9.9

38. Calvin Ridley, JAX at PIT

7.7-4.4-56-0.31 = 9.8

I kept trying to force it, but Calvin Ridley has made too clear of a statement with a 20% target share that is tied for 42nd among wide receivers this season. He just isn’t a volume No. 1 receiver. Ridley remains a start with a higher-than-average touchdown potential. But it’s difficult to make a top 30 case for him.

39. DeAndre Hopkins, TEN vs. ATL

7.4-4.5-57-0.30 = 9.7

I see this as a bounceback DeAndre Hopkins season. But unless the veteran is traded, he seems likely to be a major fantasy loser of the Titans’ transition to Will Levis and/or Malik Willis at quarterback. I am projecting that duo for 28.1 pass attempts, second fewest at the position this week. And that transforms Hopkins’ healthy 27.5% projected target share into a modest 7.4 projected targets. Start him at flex but maybe lower your expectations.

40. Kendrick Bourne, NE at MIA

6.7-4.5-53-0.31 = 9.7

Kendrick Bourne New England Patriots Week 8 Fantasy Football Start/Sit

Kendrick Bourne is good. His 5.5 average yards after the catch is seventh of the 81 wide receivers with 100 or more catches since 2020. And I think the Patriots finally realized it, playing Bourne season high 93% snap shares in Weeks 6 and 7 as DeVante Parker and Tyquan Thornton saw their shares decline. I am projecting Bourne for a 20.5% target share in Week 8 that is tied for 44th among receivers with Joshua Palmer. Feel free to flex him in what is likely to be a pass-friendly gamescript in Miami.

41. Amari Cooper, CLV at SEA

7.1-3.9-58-0.31 = 9.6

From the DeAndre Hopkins school of needing a better quarterback, Amari Cooper saw his fantasy prospects plummet when Deshaun Watson was ruled out for Week 8. I am projecting spot starter PJ Walker for a modest 30.2 pass attempts this week, and that makes Cooper a back-end flex starter in fantasy.

42. Michael Thomas, NO at IND

7.4-4.7-52-0.33 = 9.5

Michael Thomas finally caught the touchdown I insisted was coming in Week 7. But while the veteran continued his streak of between 6 and 9 targets every week this season, his target share slipped to a modest 21% as Derek Carr threw bloated totals of 50 and 55 pass attempts the last two weeks. I am projecting Thomas for a 21.0% target share in Week 8. And assuming a more normal gamescript and pass/run balance, that projects a modest 7.4 targets this week. With Alvin Kamara back in the targets mix, Thomas looks like a back-end flex starter.

43. Tee Higgins, CIN at SF

7.4-4.0-52-0.36 = 9.4

This may be too low after he had a bye week to rest. But Tee Higgins played a modest 54% of snaps and saw just four targets in his Week 6 return from a broken rib. And until I see him play his normal role, I am projecting him for a modest 21.0% target share that ties him for 40th among receivers this week. He’s my final flex receiver.

fantasy football week 8 sit-start quarterbacks qbs

44. Josh Downs, IND vs. NO

6.5-4.5-53-0.28 = 9.2

Josh Downs comes close to the fantasy starter standard with only his 20% target share, tied for 43rd among wide receivers. I am projecting pocket passer Gardner Minshew for several more pass attempts per game than his more versatile predecessor Anthony Richardson, and that makes a real difference for the volume of their Colts receivers. That said, Downs’ season-high 125 receiving yards from Week 7 may not point to a trend. The rookie receiver saw half of that production on a 59-yard, free-play touchdown, and I am projecting Downs for a more modest 53 receiving yards in Week 8.

45. Curtis Samuel, WAS vs. PHI

5.7-4.3-44-0.28 = 9.0

Curtis Samuel has matched his more heralded sophomore teammate Jahan Dotson with 39 targets through seven games this season. And Samuel has been dramatically more productive thanks both to his nearly double 3.7 versus 2.0 average yards after the catch — Dotson ranks last among the 56 receivers with 20 or more catches — and his extra contributions as a runner.

46. Jerry Jeudy, DEN vs. KC

6.1-4.3-54-0.23 = 8.9

Jerry Jeudy has been unlucky to not catch a single touchdown this season. His 0.71 expected touchdown shortfall is 23rd highest among wide receivers. That said, Jeudy trails his 6-foot-4 teammate Courtland Sutton in red zone targets, 9-2, and targets thrown into the end zone, 8-0, and it’s difficult to imagine that trend changing without a trade. I would bench Jeudy in your typical fantasy leagues.

47. Rashee Rice, KC at DEN

5.4-3.9-47-0.33 = 8.7

Rashee Rice Kansas City Chiefs Week 8 Fantasy Football Start/Sit

Unlike for Jerry Jeudy, the red zone has not been an issue for Chiefs rookie Rashee Rice. Even as a part-time player, Rice is tied for 10th among receivers with nine red zone targets, and his resulting three touchdowns seem wholly sustainable (0.64 expected touchdown surplus). Rice just needs a bit more volume to crack the WR3 list. That seems to be coming after a season-high 59% snap share in Week 7. But I am projecting Rice for a 16.5% target share in Week 8 that ties him for 56th at the position and lands him a few spots short of flex starter status.

48. Tank Dell, HST at CAR

5.2-3.4-49-0.24 = 8.2

49. K.J. Osborn, MIN at GB

6.3-3.9-46-0.26 = 8.2

50. Tyler Boyd, CIN at SF

5.8-4.2-41-0.23 = 7.6

51. Wan’Dale Robinson, NYG vs. NYJ

5.7-4.4-40-0.19 = 7.4

52. Elijah Moore, CLV at SEA

6.2-3.6-39-0.18 = 7.1

53. Rashid Shaheed, NO at IND

4.4-2.7-40-0.18 = 7.0

54. Jahan Dotson, WAS vs. PHI

5.7-3.3-36-0.27 = 6.9

55. Odell Beckham, BLT at ARZ

5.1-3.2-39-0.23 = 6.9

56. Romeo Doubs, GB vs. MIN

5.5-3.2-35-0.29 = 6.8

57. Rondale Moore, ARZ vs. BLT

4.7-3.1-29-0.14 = 6.7

58. Michael Wilson, ARZ vs. BLT

4.1-2.9-41-0.19 = 6.7

59. Brandin Cooks, DAL vs. LA

5.0-3.1-35-0.22 = 6.6

60. Josh Reynolds, DET vs. LV

3.8-2.5-39-0.22 = 6.5

Tight Ends

fantasy football week 8 sit-start quarterbacks qbs

6. Sam LaPorta, DET vs. LV

6.7-4.8-52-0.35 = 9.7

7. Dallas Goedert, PHI at WAS

5.7-4.3-48-0.25 = 8.4

George Kittle San Francisco 49ers Week 8 Fantasy Football Start/Sit

8. Cole Kmet, CHI at LAC

5.5-4.1-42-0.35 = 8.3

Cole Kmet did not see a target in undrafted rookie Tyson Bagent’s first spot start for the team. Maybe that means something for their connection. But Kmet played his typical 89% of snaps and ran his typical 20 pass routes in Week 7. I think Kmet simply had one of those weeks like every Tier 2 tight end has from time to time. I am projecting him for a 17.0% target share in Week 8 that is tied for 10th at his position, and I would continue to start him.

9. George Kittle, SF vs. CIN

4.9-3.5-44-0.31 = 8.0

I’m not particularly worried for George Kittle if Sam Darnold plays quarterback instead of Brock Purdy in Week 8. But I am concerned assuming that Deebo Samuel returns to the lineup. Kittle has averaged 6.0 targets and 84 yards in the two weeks that either Samuel or Brandon Aiyuk missed this season and averaged a modest 3.2 targets and 23 yards in five games with the full complement of 49ers skill players. Kittle’s TE1 status may depend entirely on a touchdown this week.

10. Dalton Schultz, HST at CAR

5.5-3.5-36-0.35 = 7.5

Dalton Schultz presumably won’t continue his streak of three straight games with a touchdown indefinitely. But the new Texans tight end remains tied for fifth at the position with seven red zone targets ever after a Week 7 bye. I see Schultz as a clear fantasy TE1.

11. Dalton Kincaid, BUF vs. TB

5.1-4.3-38-0.26 = 7.5

Dawson Knox left Week 7 early with a wrist injury, and Dalton Kincaid set new season highs with 8 targets and 75 receiving yards. The two tight ends have played together in a lot of 12 personnel this season, but I still don’t think that was a coincidence. I am projecting Kincaid for an elevated 17.0% target share that ties him for 10th at the position this week. And I would start him for the first time this season in fantasy.

12. Kyle Pitts, ATL at TEN

5.9-3.5-42-0.23 = 7.4

Don’t look now, but Kyle Pitts has three straight games with at least 40 yards receiving. That’s the No. 4 draft pick production we all wanted to see.

fantasy football week 8 sit-start quarterbacks qbs

13. David Njoku, CLV at SEA

4.9-3.7-37-0.22 = 6.8

If David Njoku didn’t lose his fantasy starter status when the six teams returned from their Week 7 byes, then he lost it when Deshaun Watson was ruled out for Week 8. I am projecting PJ Walker for just 30.2 pass attempts this week. And if the Browns can play defense and run the way they would presumably prefer to with a backup quarterback under center, Njoku will likely fall a bit short of his typical volume.

14. Jake Ferguson, DAL vs. LA

4.6-3.4-32-0.26 = 6.5

Jake Ferguson Dallas Cowboys Week 8 Fantasy Football Start/Sit

The Cowboys were on bye in Week 7, and Jake Ferguson still maintained his positional lead with 11 red zone targets, one more than No. 1 fantasy option and No. 1 Taylor Swift boyfriend Travis Kelce. The touchdowns will have to come if this keeps up. Keep Ferguson rostered even if you have a better starter option for Week 8.

15. Trey McBride, ARZ vs. BLT

4.9-3.5-37-0.17 = 6.4

Trey McBride was trending up from a 27% snap share in Week 4 to 33%, 58%, and 53% snap shares the last three weeks. And now that his tight end teammate Zach Ertz is on injured reserve, McBride could threaten TE1 status. I am projecting the sophomore for a 15.5% target share that is tied for 14th at the position. It may not be time to start him. But I would pick McBride up off waivers and see how his volume changes in Week 8.

16. Logan Thomas, WAS vs. PHI

4.7-3.3-33-0.24 = 6.4

17. Jonnu Smith, ATL at TEN

4.2-3.2-35-0.19 = 6.2

18. Gerald Everett, LAC vs. CHI

4.3-3.2-30-0.27 = 6.2

19. Taysom Hill, NO at IND

2.5-1.8-16-0.12 = 6.0

20. Tyler Higbee, LA at DAL

4.6-2.9-30-0.17 = 5.4

21. Hunter Henry, NE at MIA

3.8-2.5-28-0.19 = 5.2

22. Chigoziem Okonkwo, TEN vs. ATL

4.2-2.8-28-0.16 = 5.1

23. Cade Otton, TB at BUF

3.9-2.8-26-0.19 = 5.1

24. Tyler Conklin, NYJ at NYG

3.8-2.7-28-0.14 = 5.0

25. Mike Gesicki, NE at MIA

3.3-2.3-23-0.18 = 4.5

26. Kylen Granson, IND vs. NO

3.1-2.1-21-0.13 = 3.9

27. Noah Fant, SEA vs. CLV

2.3-1.8-21-0.11 = 3.7

28. Donald Parham, LAC vs. CHI

2.5-1.7-16-0.19 = 3.6

29. Hayden Hurst, CAR vs. HST

2.8-2.0-18-0.14 = 3.6

30. Juwan Johnson, NO at IND

2.6-1.7-18-0.14 = 3.5

31. Michael Mayer, LV at DET

2.4-1.6-18-0.13 = 3.4

32. Irv Smith, CIN at SF

3.0-1.9-16-0.14 = 3.4

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