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Fantasy Wins Added and Gradebook: MVPs Through Week 1

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Earlier this year, we introduced Fantasy Wins Added and the Fantasy Gradebook — two concepts that I hope revolutionize the way we value players in fantasy football and measure success.


With Week 1 in the books, let’s take a look at the leaders.

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Week 1 Leaders in Fantasy Wins Added: Fantasy Football MVPs

Justin Jefferson was the king of the mountain in Week 1. He added 0.35 fantasy wins to your squad all by himself. That means if you had Jefferson, your win rate jumped to 85%.

Here are the Week 1 Fantasy Wins Added for the top 5:

Player Pos Team Wins Added
Justin Jefferson WR MIN 0.35
Cooper Kupp WR LA 0.25
Saquon Barkley RB NYG 0.25
Davante Adams WR LV 0.23
Patrick Mahomes QB KC 0.22

Saquon Barkley’s massive Week 1 made him the third-most valuable player in fantasy on the week, tied with Cooper Kupp in Fantasy Wins Added. Kupp was the king of this stat last year, and he’s off to a hot start yet again.

Davante Adams didn’t skip a beat with his new team, nor did Patrick Mahomes in his first game post-Tyreek Hill

And in case you’re wondering … yes, this means that Mahomes was more valuable than Jonathan Taylor last week in terms of raw Fantasy Wins Added. If you had Mahomes, your win rate was 72%. If you had Taylor, your win rate was 70%.

One interesting nugget: The Chiefs (Mahomes and Travis Kelce) and Colts (Taylor and Michael Pittman) both had two of the 10 most valuable fantasy players from Week 1.

(The Bills had MVPs Nos. 11 and 12. You can easily guess which two players, but can you guess their order? Check out the full dashboard for every player.)

In all, of the 30 most valuable players in fantasy football in Week 1, we had:

Position # in the top 30 most valuable
Wide Receiver 13
Running Back 12
Quarterback 3
Tight End 2

Week 1 Fantasy Football Grades

In Week 1, only four players earned an “A+” grade:

Player Pos Team Final Grade Opportunity Grade Efficiency Grade Flex Grade Year Week
Justin Jefferson WR MIN 100 91 70 100 2022 1
Saquon Barkley RB NYG 100 92 63 95 2022 1
Patrick Mahomes QB KC 100 90 75   2022 1
Travis Kelce TE KC 100 94 65 92 2022 1
Josh Allen QB BUF 97 80 68   2022 1

(Whoever scores the most points at their position in a given week earns a 100 Final Grade. Every other player at their position is judged based on the No. 1 performance.)

We also had five players earn an “A” this week:

Player Pos Team Final Grade Opportunity Grade Efficiency Grade Flex Grade Year Week
Cooper Kupp WR LA 95 91 71 95 2022 1
Davante Adams WR LV 94 96 76 94 2022 1
Ja’Marr Chase WR CIN 93 100 79 94 2022 1
Jonathan Taylor RB IND 94 95 71 93 2022 1
D’Andre Swift RB DET 93 79 65 92 2022 1

Six other players earned an A-, bringing our grand total of players who earned a grade of 90 or higher up to 15 on the week.

Another 71 players earned a “B” grade (B-, B, B+), while 129 players fell into the “C” range of average.

See where all of your players stack up.

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