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Fantasy Wins Added and Gradebook: MVPs Through Week 2

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Earlier this year, we introduced Fantasy Wins Added and the Fantasy Gradebook — two concepts that I hope revolutionize the way we value players in fantasy football and measure success.


With Week 2 in the books, let’s take a look at the leaders.

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Week 2 Leaders in Fantasy Wins Added: Fantasy Football MVPs

Stefon Diggs stole the show in Week 2, racking up 0.36 Fantasy Wins Added.

Player Pos Team Wins Added
Stefon Diggs WR BUF 0.36
Tyreek Hill WR MIA 0.33
Jaylen Waddle WR MIA 0.31
Amon-Ra St. Brown WR DET 0.3
Lamar Jackson QB BLT 0.27

This was a massive week in terms of game-breaking performances, with four players registered 0.30 Fantasy Wins Added or more.

In all, of the 30 most valuable players in fantasy football in Week 1, we had:

Position # in the top 30 most valuable
Wide Receiver 17
Quarterback 7
Running Back 4
Tight End 2

This was a dramatic difference compared to Week 1, which had 12 RBs rank in the top 30 most valuable. Only two running backs ranked in the top 20.


Week 2 Fantasy Football Grades

Last week, only four players earned an “A+” grade. This week, eight players earned the high mark, again showing that Week 2 was much more top-heavy:

Player Pos Team Final Grade Opportunity Grade Efficiency Grade Flex Grade Year Week
Stefon Diggs WR BUF 100 98 80 100 2022 2
Lamar Jackson QB BLT 100 88 95   2022 2
Nick Chubb RB CLV 100 88 94 94 2022 2
Mark Andrews TE BLT 100 94 88 91 2022 2
Aaron Jones RB GB 100 82 100 94 2022 2
Tyreek Hill WR MIA 98 86 91 99 2022 2
Tua Tagovailoa QB MIA 97 96 91   2022 2
Jaylen Waddle WR MIA 97 100 75 98 2022 2

(Whoever scores the most points at their position in a given week earns a 100 Final Grade. Every other player at their position is judged based on the No. 1 performance.)

We also had three players earn an “A” this week:

Player Pos Team Final Grade Opportunity Grade Efficiency Grade Flex Grade Year Week
Amon-Ra St. Brown WR DET 97 94 81 97 2022 2
Cooper Kupp WR LA 94 94 76 95 2022 2
Jalen Hurts QB PHI 93 73 100   2022 2

(Amon-Ra St. Brown technically scored a 96.8, which is why he’s in the “A” group and not “A+” group, but either way, he crushed in Week 2.)

Four other players earned an A-, bringing our grand total of players who earned a grade of 90 or higher up to 15 on the week.

Here’s the full grading breakdown this week. Check out the full chart to see where your players stacked up.

Grade # of Players
A 15
B 57
C 136
D 64
F 42

Leaders on the Year (through Week 2)

Here are your top 10 fantasy MVPs through Week 2:

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