Mojo Spotlight: The Power of Multipliers


Finally, you can turn your sports knowledge into real cash by investing in an athlete’s entire career. Prices rise and fall with every hit, huddle, and headline — and you can buy and sell instantly or hold for as long as you want. Three times a week, FTN will feature a player and his Mojo value — is it time to buy, sell, hold or short? Click here to get in on the Mojo action.

Why should you invest in players at Mojo who are close to retirement?

The answer:  Multipliers!


Mojo has made it more attractive to invest in certain players with the power of Multipliers. The most established veteran stars on Mojo might not have a ton of price movement on a weekly basis. Players like Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers are the Apple and Amazon of athlete stocks. We all wish we would have invested years ago, but at this point, we pretty much know who and what they are.

By creating the Multiplier, Mojo makes the share price of a veteran just as volatile as an unknown rookie. Mojo has even added Multiplier options to younger player stocks to supercharge their upside, as well. In my recent competition at FTN, I was actually able to grab multipliers on young, talented players such as Washington running back Brian Robinson and Baltimore tight end Isaiah Likely.

However, the real value in Multipliers comes from veteran investments. For example, a 15x multiplier makes your 1% weekly gain 15%, which makes the veteran player stocks move like rookies again by focusing your investments only on the part of their career that’s uncertain: the future.

Let’s say Matt Ryan’s share price is $105. If $93 of that is already banked, and $12 is expected for the future (as of this writing). Without a Multiplier, that investment isn’t too exciting. It’s probably difficult for an investor to see value in a 37-year-old quarterback. However, if you believe that the Colts can tally a few consecutive wins, a Multiplier makes a veteran like Ryan actually attractive. The brief remainder of Ryan’s career is now very investable. With a 10x multiplier Matty Ice’s 1% gain on Sunday becomes a 10% gain. Ryan’s past performance is effectively canceled out, and your investment becomes more about what he’ll do next.

Multipliers make veteran’s stocks move more like rookies and, as a result, increase your potential returns and losses.

You can also apply multipliers on shorts if you think an athlete’s share price will go down. Imagine if you believed San Francisco running back Jeff Wilson was vastly overperforming his expectation and decided to Go Short on Wilson’s value. Mojo had offered a 3X multiplier on Wilson which would have translated to a fantastic profit after Thursday night’s news of San Francisco’s trade for Christian McCaffrey

Wilson’s price dropped 0.26 cents overnight, from $3.99 per share to $3.73 per share, equating to 6.5% value on a short purchase. With the 3X multiplier, that becomes a 19.5% overnight ROI!

Whether you go long or short, you can never lose more than your initial investment.

Multipliers are a way to give blue chips player stocks the same volatility as the cheaper players. And the best part? They are completely free. Just tap on “Multipliers” before you make a trade to supercharge the action.

Mojo is changing the way fans connect and invest in their favorite players. Combining sound investment strategy with sports knowledge is the perfect way for sports fans to win big when their players perform well. Co-founder Marc Lore sums it up perfectly: “On Mojo because you will get paid at the end of a player’s career, their career stats have intrinsic value. It’s not based on the whims of supply and demand or hype. There’s no bubble. This is a bet on the future career-ending statistic, and you make that bet real time so you can get in and out.” Multipliers bring more potential and more upside, even for the greats of the game. 

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