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Directional rushing update for Week 7

NFL Fantasy



During the NFL season, we’re going to break down how different offenses are utilizing their running backs. As the year goes on, patterns begin to emerge that will allow us to anticipate and exploit mismatches between a defense and an offense that we’re targeting in fantasy football. 

Bird’s Eye View

Chart, bar chart

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Note: Red is left, gray is middle, blue is right.

I’ve noted just about every week that there were some teams that were actively avoiding rushing in certain directions. Those conclusions seem to have been small-sample anomalies — welcome to the NFL.

Here’s a look at the breakdown for all of the running backs with at least 50 rushes. 

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Rushing – Left

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You can look at any direction in the tool and you’re likely to see the same name on top of the rushing list. Without exaggeration, Derrick Henry is testing the limits of what we thought was possible for an NFL running back in 2021. 

Nick Chubb is now injured and hasn’t been able to keep up with Henry, though he was doing his best to keep up before he was forced to miss time. One interesting name in the top five is Chuba Hubbard. There was some curiosity about what type of workload he would see with Christian McCaffrey’s absence, and he’s stepped in and has been given about as much as you could possibly expect. 

Rushing – Right