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FTN Fantasy’s Best Ball Guide for 2024

NFL Fantasy

Welcome to 2024 best ball season!

Best ball season has officially begun, with drafts occurring daily until the 2024 NFL season kicks off Thursday, Sept. 5. We are still four months away from the start of the season, and there’s so much yet to transpire – trades to be made, training camp, depth chart changes and some inevitable injuries. Starting your fantasy football prep now doesn’t necessarily mean you have to start drafting, but these four months will fly by quickly and the more we dig in, the more confident and better prepared we’ll be.

I’m beyond thrilled to share with you the first wave of FTN best ball content. We’ve assembled a magnificent group of talented fantasy football writers and best ball players to create insight and strategy to whet your best ball appetite, including Sam Choudhury (@SC_FFB), Tyler Loechner (@LoechnerNFL), Jeff Ratcliffe (@JeffRatcliffe), Nelson Sousa (@The_Franchise12), Alex Blickle (@AlexBlickle1) and Chris Meaney (@chrismeaney). Special thanks to our legendary editor and novelist Daniel Kelley (@danieltkelley) and our master graphics artist Parker McDonald (@thecarbonfox).

This FTN Best Ball Guide is divided into sections. Each section will remain fluid until the start of the NFL season, with articles being added continuously. The topics include: 

Our goal is to help you learn to become an advanced best ball fantasy player and hopefully dominate your drafts. The competition in fantasy leagues is sharper than ever, making it imperative to stay one step ahead of the competition by finding strategic new pathways to success. 

Hopefully you enjoy this initial wave of best ball draft strategy and analysis. Here’s hoping your journey throughout the best ball season with FTN is fun and profitable.

Happy Drafting!

Mike Randle
CCO, FTN Network

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