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Best Ball 2024: How to Stack

NFL Fantasy



Welcome to the FTN Fantasy Best Ball Guide for 2024!

The popularity of best ball is exploding in the fantasy football community. Ask anyone about the keys to success in best ball, and you’re sure to hear the word “stacking” sooner than later. But what exactly is stacking, why is it important, and how can you be sure you’re stacking in an effective way? 

What Is Stacking in Best Ball?

The term stacking refers to betting on an entire offense. Stacking an offense means drafting the quarterback and at least one (usually more) of his skill position players (usually his pass-catchers, either WR or TE). The one-word answer for why we do this is “correlation.” However, there’s perhaps an even easier way to understand why stacking is so powerful. 

Why Is Stacking Important?

Consider what you need to happen in order to dominate your best ball league — many of the players you draft will have to outperform their average draft position. By betting on an entire offense, you increase the odds that a handful of your players all outperform their ADPs together.

Advanced Stacking

Last year, I broke down some advanced stacking theory. Most of what I wrote there still applies, so instead of reproducing it here, just take a look at my advanced stacking theory breakdown from 2023.

Target Stacks

Washington Commanders

Jayden Daniels (QB13)
Terry McLaurin (WR33)
Jahan Dotson (WR61)
Ben Sinnott (TE18)

The Commanders are everything we’re looking for in a stack. The prices for McLaurin and Dotson have dropped relative to last offseason when Sam Howell was their known QB. The uncertainty around Daniels is causing the drop, yet Daniels could elevate this offense from the get-go like C.J. Stroud did for Houston a year ago. If Daniels finishes as a top-10 QB, these receiving options will all blow away their current draft positions.

This is a stack I’m targeting in every draft.

New York Jets

Aaron Rodgers (QB20)
Garrett Wilson (WR8)
Mike Williams (WR50)
Tyler Conklin (TE23)

There aren’t many for whom “WR1” is a reasonable outcome, but Garrett Wilson is absolutely one of them. His production to this point in his career is astounding given who has been throwing him the ball. Aaron Rodgers may only be a shred of his former self (or maybe he’ll be great, who knows?), but we can virtually guarantee that the QB play for New York will be the best Wilson has seen. Plus, with Wilson demanding so much attention on every play (not to mention Breece Hall out of the backfield), Mike Williams should get more one-on-one opportunities than ever before, giving this entire offense a ton of upside. This is a stack I’m targeting whenever I have a pick in the latter half of the first round.

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