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Sports Betting 101: What Is Live Betting?

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Betting 101: What is Live Betting? 

Live betting is when you place a bet on an event or game after it has already begun. Keeping an eye on the live market is a fun way to watch a game or a big event you’re interested in. It is important to know the pregame line history of an event. Knowing the closing number will give you an idea of the expected pregame outcome. The live odds will move quickly as the probabilities fluctuate throughout the event. Things can change with an injury to a noteworthy player or just a bad start or outing from a player or team. 

As you watch the game, you’re gaining information as it’s being played out and that might help you find an edge live. Live data and algorithms are used to create the live odds that books offers. Live lines might not account for an injury in some sports, at least not immediately. You can also use live betting to buy-out of a bet or hedge your wager


Not only can you live bet on the outcome of a game, but you can even wager on the result of the next play or drive. 

I like to use live betting in MLB to sometimes get a better number than I could have pregame, or if I’m potentially looking for something specific that might have kept me from betting the side I liked before first pitch. For example, if I really like a side but the starting pitcher has had issues with his velocity over his last couple starts; you could wait an inning or two to see his velocity (or spin rate) is back to its norm before placing your bet. Or bet a team if they’re making great contact, constantly barreling up a pitcher but hits aren’t falling. The bet may not cash but, I’m betting against their expected-batting average finishing ~.200 points above their actual batting average. 

Just like betting pre-game, make sure you’re getting the best available number when you’re placing a live wager. Keep multiple books open to pounce on the best number when you’re ready to fire on a bet. 

Check out FTN’s Live Odds Page to ensure you’re betting the best number on the board. 

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