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Tipico Tips: Betting on NFL preseason props

NFL Bets

The first preseason NFL games are less than two weeks away. We have known the matchups for some time, but now Tipico Sportsbook also has some special prop bets that are very interesting. They are offering prop bets on passing, receiving and rushing yards for various players in the league. Many of them are either high-profile rookies or key players on the local New York and Philadelphia teams that many in the Tipico betting market of New Jersey will be rooting for. A few of them I am staying away from, but we also have a couple that look to be good value to start building our bankroll. 

Tipico is offering an instant match bonus up to $750. That means if you deposit any amount up to $750, you have double that amount to wager with. If you have not already signed up, take advantage of that offer by clicking here. Once you have, here are some of my favorite preseason props to look deeper into. 

Is Kellen Mond the Vikings future quarterback?

Kellen Mond went to IMG Academy and was a top-ranked QB coming out of high school. His dual-threat capability was something the Vikings were really impressed with. Currently they have Kirk Cousins under center and slated to start the year. Remember, though, this is the preseason. A veteran starter like Cousins is unlikely to play the majority of snaps. The preseason is only three games this year, but at best the starters play half of one of those three. A young backup like Mond is the kind of guy that tends to get more work in the preseason, as they want him to get used to the faster pace and running the offense in case he is needed to cover for an injured Cousins at some point during the year. Mond has a passing yardage prop of just 153.5 yards during the preseason — not for one game, but for the entire preseason — and that number feels incredibly low. Mond should get the bulk of the game in at least one if not two of the three preseason games. Mond should get a chance to play at least a quarter or more in all three. If he plays a half of football in even one of these games and a quarter minimum in the other two, he should easily be able to surpass that 153.5-yard prop. It is currently paying even money as well, so this is definitely one I want to take advantage of. 

Who will be the Jets running back for 2021?

If you listen to the coach speak, Tevin Coleman is the guy who has the biggest chance to start at running back for the Jets this year. Coach Robert Saleh knows him from their time in San Francisco, and Coleman’s familiarity with the system gives him the first leg up. If you listen to the beat writers and fantasy football pundits, though, the man they are drooling over in that backfield is rookie Michael Carter. Carter has been the guy flashing big potential in camp so far. Many believe he will eventually take over the starter role this year. At a minimum, the coaches will want to see him out on the field for a couple series. He is currently listed as a backup as well, which means his yardage number is less than some of these other entrenched starters and also that he is less likely to be sat out and rested after just one series like the listed starters. Carter’s yardage prop is just 117 for the three-game preseason, as opposed to numbers in the 160s for a guy like the Broncos’ Melvin Gordon or 200-plus yards for the Eagles’ Miles Sanders. If Carter gets the playing time we expect him to in the preseason and flashes some of that talent the beat writers and coaches are raving about, he could easily top this number. More importantly, he is paying even money to do so, which means we only have to hit one of these two bets to break even. I think both of these are going to cash easily. Between the bonus money and these soft preseason yardage totals, we can have a nice bankroll built to be ready to attack the regular season when it rolls around. 

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