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Fantasy Football 2022: Week 12 QB Rankings

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FTN’s free Week 12 QB rankings for fantasy football are brought to you each week by Adam Pfeifer. Check out our consensus quarterback fantasy football rankings to go even deeper, including fantasy football rankings from Jeff Ratcliffe, Scott Spratt, Tyler Loechner, Chris Meaney and more.


Be sure to check out Jeff Ratcliffe’s Week 12 flex rankings for fantasy football. 

(Players from the Thanksgiving games have been removed from these rankings. Also, check out my other position rankings: Running Back | Wide Receiver | Tight End)

Week 12 Fantasy Football QB Rankings

1. Patrick Mahomes
2. Jalen Hurts
3. Tua Tagovailoa
4. Justin Herbert
5. Geno Smith
6. Joe Burrow
7. Lamar Jackson
8. Tom Brady
9. Justin Fields
10. Derek Carr
11. Kyler Murray
12. Jimmy Garoppolo
13. Matt Ryan
14. Aaron Rodgers
15. Marcus Mariota

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