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Everything You Need to Know About an FTN Fantasy Subscription

NFL Fantasy



FTNFantasy has everything you need if you want to have a successful Fantasy Football season in 2021. Sure, that sounds cliche, but when I say everything, I mean it, to a point where there are things included that you both didn’t know existed and didn’t know you needed. That is until you have it.

Because of the overwhelming amount of assets in the FTNFantasy package, this article will help break down what’s included.

Take advantage of the FTNFantasy Platinum package for the 2022 season!

Four Tiers of FTNFantasy

Because of everything FTNFantasy has to offer, the offerings were split into four separate packages, detailed below:

While we will dive into the basic in’s and out’s of the Platinum package, and here’s our centerpiece offering: 

  • High Stakes Coaching: Adding the high stakes coaching add-on not only includes access to Ray Garvin’s chat, but also gives you access to all of the content from Nelson Sousa, winner of over $1 million dollars, including winning the FFBC Main event, 2 NFFC Platinum titles ($20k entry fee), and countless league titles. He guides you through the best strategies to win your high-stakes fantasy football leagues.

Now that you have a good idea of what add-ons are available, let’s dive into the meat of the FTN Platinum Package.

The Draft Guide

Everyone loves a draft guide. It’s a quick and easy asset to bring with you on draft night after putting off all of your fantasy football research until the night before. With FTN Fantasy’s draft guide, you’re still in a great spot to dominate if this is the case. It comes with:

When I say you’ll be prepared for your draft, that feels like a gross understatement. Will you be prepared for the in-season week-to-week grind? Well, with the FTNFantasy Platinum package, you will be. Below are some of the key features that highlight the package.

Access to over 30 Premium Stats

You won’t realize you need it until you have it, and that’s the perfect way to encapsulate the effect that 30-plus premium NFL stats will have. Whether it be stats about offensive line performance, deep targets for receivers, or rushing against a stacked box, FTN Fantasy has it all. Looking for information on each and every stat? Below’s thread includes not only a list of them all but also a description of their value and a demo of how to use it:

In addition to all of the premium stats, you also get access to all basic team stats, such as air yards, volume reports, offensive line rankings, and more.

Fantasy HQ

Fantasy HQ houses just about everything you need throughout the entire season, as the content catalog shows you exactly that.

Of the items included in Fantasy HQ, some of the most popular and most useful are listed below:

Start/Sit Tool

Do you have a lineup decision and don’t know who to start? The point of this tool is to make that decision easy for you. By offering fantasy point projections for all platforms, you can compare them side-by-side with our player projections to make a difficult decision an easy one. Included in the tool are projections, game logs, stats, and the latest news on each individual player.

WR/CB Matchups

Looking to decide between two wide receivers but not sure who has the more favorable matchup? The Wide Receiver vs Cornerback matchup matric shows the specific matchups for every starting receiver and their success rates in every part of the field.

Snap Report

One of the biggest headaches in fantasy football, especially at the running back position, is figuring out how much playing time a player is going to get. By using the Snap Report, you can get a look at how players’ snaps are trending week-over-week to make the best decision for your lineups.

Splits Tool

Taking advantage of injuries is one of the biggest advantages you can create for yourself in-season as a fantasy football player. If you’re looking to see how a player benefits in the absence of another, the FTN Fantasy Splits Tool is the tool for you. Curious how Calvin Ridley will fare this season without Julio Jones? Take a look for yourself.

Access to exclusive content

Tools are phenomenal, but access to content from our world-class team of experts is hard to top. Day in and day out, we have content covering every angle you need in fantasy football and numerous specialized article series’ to help both pre-and in-season.

The list of stellar content is endless, but some of the most impactful article series’ that we have on FTN Fantasy include:

Premium Discord Chat with experts and fans

The FTNFantasy discord offers various channels where we have a different expert hosting an AMA every day leading up to the start of the season. Whether it be Best Ball, Dynasty, Redraft, or Superflex leagues, you’re in good hands with our experts in the discord 24/7 answering all of your questions.

Take advantage of the FTNFantasy Platinum package for the 2022 season!

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