Whitestone’s Waiver Watch: NFBC Main Event (8/14)


Welcome to my weekly NFBC Main Event recap article. Each week, I’ll dig into the top free agents added in this premier fantasy baseball contest, letting you know who was added in the most leagues, how much money was spent and more. In addition, we’ll revisit the top pickups from three weeks ago and even scan the Main Event overall standings to see who’s at the top. 

Please note: This week (as was the case last week) I’m away on vacation, so this article will be primarily limited to an update of the regular statistics and will not include individual league standings.


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Main Event managers are a savvy lot, so in the middle of August, they often take a dance break (not really, but try it — it couldn’t hurt, especially if your starting pitcher gives up 5 earned runs in the first inning). In any case, there won’t be any league standings again this week even though I know all 53 Main Event leagues (and all fantasy baseball leagues in general) are very much up for grabs with approximately eight weeks remaining in the season. We’ll resume our regular programming Aug. 21 and see who leads each league then. Until then, let’s just dance away any difficult results!

Most Common FAAB Pickups in the Main Event: Ralph Waldo Emerson Hancock

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The No. 1 pickup this week was the famous essayist, Ralph Waldo Emerson Hancock, who had the NFBC Main Event in mind when he wrote: “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. Hitch your wagon to a star. The earth laughs in flowers. Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.” So the interesting thing is that this fellow is not only a pretty good essayist but also a rookie pitcher for the Seattle Mariners! Crazy, right? Main Event managers didn’t care what his writings were, though, they wanted wins and strikeouts from him and were therefore bidding him up this week.

The 10 widest acquisitions are in the chart below and in addition to Emerson Hancock, they also feature a returning star, Trevor Story of the Boston Red Sox. He actually had higher bids generally than Hancock, but Hancock was picked up in more leagues because Story was rostered in two Main Event leagues prior to this weekend. The rest of the top-10 free agent pickups include 5 more starting pitchers (Matthew Liberatore, Javier Assad, Allan Winans, Dakota Hudson, Alex Faedo), and three hitters with potential (Ildemaro Vargas, Ramón Laureano, Brayan Rocchio). Interestingly, two of the starting pitchers are far from assured of even their next start (Javier Assad and Allan Winans) but they might turn out to be a bargain if indeed they are in the regular rotation. In any case, you can see that the bidding is a lot more spread out, as fantasy managers try to fit acquisitions into their needs to help their most important categories.

Added in Most Main Event Leagues Leagues Added Reason Highest Winning Bid Lowest Winning Bid
Emerson Hancock 52 New Rookie SEA SP 112 1
Trevor Story 51 Back at last for BOS 164 16
Matthew Liberatore 43 Last outing was great 16 1
Javier Assad 31 In CHC rotation? 14 1
Ildemaro Vargas 28 Playing well for WAS 9 1
Ramón Laureano 26 New digs in CLE 39 2
Allan Winans 25 In ATL rotation? 17 1
Dakota Hudson 25 Scary two step for STL 16 1
Alex Faedo 25 Scary two step for DET 13 1
Brayan Rocchio 24 Rookie CLE MI 13 1

The Century Club

In the 21st FAAB run (see below), there again were zero $200-plus successful bids for the third week in a row and 19 winning bids over $100 (17 for Trevor Story and 1 each for Emerson Hancock and Tommy Pham). As you can see below, we’ve had 539 total winning bids over $200 and 1,366 total $100-plus winning bids in the first 21 weeks of FAAB. Therefore, of the 795 Main Event managers, two-thirds (67.8%) on average have had one $200-plus winning bid, and each manager on average has had 1-2 (1.72 to be exact) winning bids over $100. So on average, each Main Event manager only takes two or three high-end players during the season.

Weekly Summary (FAAB Date) Winning Bids Over $200 Winning Bids Over $100
3/26 2 13
4/3 24 80
4/10 27 98
4/17 66 149
4/24 37 102
4/30 79 151
5/7 86 147
5/14 61 117
5/21 11 75
5/28 44 66
6/4 29 59
6/11 58 123
6/18 0 28
6/25 4 42
7/2 0 10
7/9 2 35
7/16 1 6
7/23 8 40
7/30 0 2
8/6 0 4
8/13 0 19
YTD 539 1366

The Wow Bid of the Week

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So who attracted the highest single bid of the week? The highest winning bid was for Trevor Story, with a winning bid of $164, easily beating the $89 runner-up amount. As we should have anticipated, this was the second-lowest WOW bid of the season, with Main Event owners down to the last nickels and dimes.


FAAB Summary