July 5, 2024

FTN Fantasy Baseball: Secrets to 12-team Success with Brandon Waddell

It's episode 22 of the 2024 FTN Fantasy Baseball podcast with Vlad Sedler (@rotogut) and Jason Anthony (@booms62). They're joined this week by Brandon Waddell (@thehumnraindelay) aka CORKED WOOD, one of the top NFBC 12-team Online Championship (OC) players. Brandon has won a whopping 16 of 27 OC leagues since he started playing the contest in 2019, a 59% league win rate! They discuss a variety of draft and FAAB topics specifically related to the OC and 12-team formats. Towards the end, the trio plays a Rapid Fire ROS game involving James Wood, Noelvi Marte and Julio Rodriguez. Topics Discussed:
  • Brandon Waddell's baseball and stats background
  • Fading early SPs in the OC
  • The Upside Drafting Theory in overall contests
  • League-shopping and when to draft
  • Diminishing returns with volume drafting
  • Managing FAAB budgets; how much to save 2H
  • The Low-Percentage Plays (aka The Toglia)
  • Avoiding the Splash Bids
  • When to shift to tracking overall standings
  • James Wood vs. Noelvi Marte
  • Julio Rodriguez vs. Jarren Duran
  • Matt Olson vs. Josh Naylor
  • Skubal/Kirby/Castillo vs. Burnes/Fried/P.Lopez
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