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Soccer Betting 101: How to profit

Soccer Bets



Assuming most of you are American, betting on soccer can look tricky at times. The reason for this is the possibility of the match ending in a draw (tie). In America, there’s a winner, a loser. – no in-between. The prospect of a draw puts soccer [betting] in a class of its own.

I want to emphasize the fact that it’s never good to bet on something that you do not have knowledge of. The amount of people who bet blindly is quite upsetting. Finding the nooks and crannies of a given game or situation is what will lead to the most profit. The ones that no one really wants to bet on are the ones we should be taking advantage of most. That’s whether you uncover information on your own terms or an external source (like FTN).

Means of Profiting

‘Both teams to score’ or ‘both teams to score AND over 2.5 goals’ is the main bet I’ve found success with. Usually, this pays out nearly 1.5X your investment, so the payout is strong (a $10 investment turns to a $15 profit or $25 back). In tightly contested matches, a goal scored by team A forces team B to push further ahead. Simply put, the team that’s trailing must do all they can to avoid losing. 

The next type of bet I’ll touch on is the draw. Draws are quite prevalent in this sport but can be difficult to predict. The logic I utilize when betting the draw is simple: if I have reason to believe the favored side in the match is too large a favorite, I dub the draw as good value. Usually, this lays out nearly 2.5X your investment, so the payout is very strong. (a $10 investment turns to a $25 profit or $35 back).

Finally, simply betting the winner of a match can be extremely profitable. Betting the underdog is something I’ve found success with especially. When betting the favorite, it’s important to take careful consideration of the odds. Sometimes, even if it’s a confident backing, betting the favorite isn’t even worth it. I typically wouldn’t recommend betting the 3-way money line on a favorite priced -200 and beyond. Sticking those larger favorites in parlays can be very profitable though. Instead of taking two large favorites separately, combining them can make the payout worth the investment.

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