FTN Network and Quarter4 Announce Partnership


FTN Network and Quarter4 have announced a partnership.

FTN Network’s innovative platform provides fantasy tools, and indispensable resources with industry-leading technology. With Quarter4’s predictive data streams and in-game probabilities, FTN Network will provide engrossing content, and deep-dive analytics via. podcasts, articles, videos and livestreams, captivating all dedicated fantasy sports players and bettors. 

FTN CEO Kevin Adams shared his perspective on the progressive partnership. “Quarter4 is an industry-leading data provider across multiple sports that immediately helps FTN Network’s content offering,” he said. “With the latest in predictive intelligence, Quarter4 will help FTN Network users gain an edge for college basketball, college football and many other major sports.” 

Quarter4 CSO Danijela Covic described the partnership as a “perfect match.” Covic said, “The FTN Network is constantly evolving and delivering progressive content to their rapidly growing audience. Quarter4 propels this progression with multiple data feeds and feature sets.”

Quarter4 is a revolutionary artificial intelligence platform that generates millions of pregame and in-game data points as well as widgets and products that engage fans and bettors. Customers include sportsbooks, DFS platforms, technology providers, media agencies and gaming establishments that are driving disruptive content for fans and bettors.

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