Fantasy Football Draft Guide: FTN Fantasy Football Game Plan and Stats Guide for 2024


The 2024 fantasy football draft guide from FTN’s Jeff Ratcliffe is the ultimate resource for any fantasy player looking to dominate their draft and win their league. The draft guide is packed with stats, player profiles, projections, and more.

Once upon a time, the primary virtue of a fantasy football draft guide magazine was a home for rankings all in one place. These days, you only have to type “f-a-n-t-“ into Google before you are inundated with hundreds of different sets of rankings. Some are good, some are bad, but one thing most of them have in common is recency: They are updated, and they are updated a lot.

So in that landscape, a draft guide magazine has to pivot. And that’s what FTN superstar Jeff Ratcliffe has done with his Fantasy Football Game Plan and Stats Guide for the 2024 NFL season. This year’s guide scraps the rankings approach that would be outdated within a few days of publishing in favor of a stats- and draft-minded look at fantasy football 2024. What kind of draft strategies make sense this year? How do the teams’ outlooks shake out? What are the key stats to know at every position?

That’s what you get in the guide this year. Go to FTN’s fantasy football rankings for the rankings, because they’ll be updated every day and give you a much fresher look at who is ranked about whom. But go to the guide for a look at football. What do you need to know about the incoming rookies? What about the veterans who changed teams? What does No. 1 ranker Jeff Ratcliffe think about this year’s draft strategy?

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All that and more inside the guide. This year, you’ll get…

Fantasy Football Draft Guide for 2024

Draft Strategy – The Roadmap

2024 nfl fantasy football draft guide

What are the key strategies in fantasy football these days? What’s the difference between Zero RB and Punt RB2? Between Robust TE and TE Wheelhouse? How should you approach each round of the draft from a game-theory perspective, and how will that make your roster look at the end? Jeff breaks it all down in meticulous detail.

NFL Team Features

Want a team’s schedule? Forget who came and went this offseason? How about tendencies, which position they targeted the most? All that, a collection of 2023 statistics, and of course some of the best-looking team pages in the world.

NFL Fantasy Football Player Breakdowns

Just because the guide doesn’t feature outdated rankings anymore doesn’t mean the player bios are gone. Three years of stats, pros and cons, everything you need to form an idea of a player’s outlook for the 2024 season, with nine players on each NFL team profiled.

Fantasy Football Draft Guide: Key Stats

100-yard rushing games? Air yards for a quarterback? What about just fantasy points per game? This is a numbers game, and we have all the key numbers in one place for you.

Weekly Fantasy Finishes

Some players are top finishers because they are consistent all year long. Others get there on the backs of a couple of big games but drag your lineup down otherwise. The end result is the same, but the paths to get there tell different stories. So how did all the key players finish every week? This is the only place you can find it all together.

You’ll get all that and more in the 2024 Fantasy Football Game Plan and Stats Guide. Sign up now to get full access to the best guide in the business.

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