Welcome to the 2024 Rookie Fantasy Scouting Guide (v2 Is Live!)


It’s here. With the 2024 NFL Draft now in the rearview, it’s time to really dig in on the fantasy outlook for our whole new crop of players entering the league, and FTN’s annual Rookie Fantasy Scouting Guide is the perfect place to start.

Our Jeff Ratcliffe has been deep in the trenches ever since the Super Bowl (and let’s be honest, even before that) scouting all the names that fantasy players need to know heading into the draft and then the 2024 NFL season. (I should know exactly how busy he is, as his editor and the person who attempts to assign him articles that he — understandably — hasn’t had time for.)

The end result is this — more than 40 pages of analysis, scouting, stats and player comps for all the noteworthy names in this year’s draft and beyond, from first overall pick Caleb Williams to back-end players who had to settle for signing as undrafted free agents.

Get the FTN Rookie Fantasy Scouting Guide!

Get the Rookie Fantasy Scouting Guide

We’re live now with the post-draft version of this year’s guide. We have player-by-player breakdowns of every fantasy position, draft boards, rankings for regular and superflex leagues and even a pick trade value chart. And of course, now that we know where all these players ended up in the draft, the updated version of the guide offers up long-term fantasy outlooks for all these players.

Player Breakdowns

Did you see a lot of Spencer Rattler this year? Or did you just remember his name as a former Oklahoma quarterback who was a top prospect who fell on hard times? It’s understandable if you missed some or all of his South Carolina tenure. But we didn’t. And we can catch you up now. He was teased as a potential draft sleeper before falling to Day 3. Does that mean he’s still a sleeper? Or do his draft stock and landing spot mean his NFL future is bleak? You can find out in here.

But there’s more than that. A shorthand might be lazy, but a shorthand is still helpful. When you picture Caleb Williams, who do you see? How about Troy Franklin? Our player comps give you an idea of what to expect out of these guys at a base level. Can you guess who garnered this comp? 

You get that for every position. Full breakdowns of the top 12 quarterbacks, top 18 running backs, top 24 wide receivers and top nine tight ends. But beyond that, you get at least mini profiles for 20 quarterbacks, 42 running backs, 56 wide receivers and 25 tight ends. Your favorite team took a developmental receiver late on Day 3? You can catch up on him here right now.

Draft Boards

OK, so the NFL teams made their picks. But what does that mean for you, the fantasy player? Caleb Williams is going first in the draft, but is he a better fantasy pick than Marvin Harrison Jr.? This year’s running back class was underwhelming from an NFL perspective, but who is the top name for fantasy? Get all that and more, for either regular fantasy or superflex.

Get the FTN Rookie Fantasy Scouting Guide!

Trade Value Chart

If you play dynasty, you’re probably in the thick of prep for your rookie draft right now. How’s that trade offer look? Can you get the first overall pick for a haul that starts with 10th overall, or will that be too light? Does your leaguemate who wants your second for three fifths have a chance? There’s no one-size-fits-all trade value, but this is the best going. Check out the trade value chart and help make the decision on whether that offer is right for you.

Get the FTN Rookie Fantasy Scouting Guide!


All things being equal, do you want Jaylen Wright or Troy Franklin? In superflex, Bo Nix or Ladd McConkey? The rookie draft is the hardest job in fantasy, because you have to take someone’s college performance and extrapolate it to the NFL as compared to a bunch of other guys who played at other colleges against other opponents and are doing the same. Check out our rankings, and the job is half done.

And More!

Is Brock Bowers worth as much as the top receivers? How deep are Tiers 1 and 2 at running back? How does the J.J. McCarthy/Drake Maye/Jayden Daniels triumvirate shake out? When is the last time you heard C.J. Prosise’s name before he popped up as a comp in this? All that and more inside.

And of course, the guide doesn’t come by itself. It’s part of a full FTN Fantasy subscription, which means in addition to the guide, you get full access to all of our fantasy rankings and key stats from our tip-top crew. The content never stops, the fantasy season never stops, and you should never stop either. Get the guide and go.

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