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Week 2 NFL picks for JockMKT




What is JockMKT?

JockMKT is a fantastic new fantasy football platform that combines the financial market and sports. Bidding on a player as an IPO and getting paid out where they finish on the day. Example: “If fifth place overall is worth $20, and Tom Brady finishes with the fifth-most points, then every user holding Tom Brady receives $20 per share.” It is a fun way to try and buy low on top targets that week who have big time upside and can pay off their IPO price. 

How does bidding work?

Bidding is very similar to Ebay. You enter a max bid and JockMKT will only use your max bid on players if needed. If no one competes you will get the player at their initial offering. 

For more information, see our complete breakdown here.



Five players with massive ceilings to bid on

I am looking for guys who will be priced near their floors in terms of final positioning but have an opportunity to finish near the top of the rankings this week.

One feature I love on JockMKT is that, as IPOs are live before you bid on a player, it lets you know what place the player will need to finish in order to break even. Below, I look at five players who I think can pay off in a big way and where to stop bidding on them.

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Dak Prescott, QB, Dallas Cowboys

Bid to top 10 overall

Under Kellen Moore, Dak Prescott has averaged 418 passing yards per game, and Cowboys games with him have averaged 67 points per game. The Cowboys are built for shootouts who like to check out of run plays — last week 28 run plays were called, only 12 were run. Dak provides the perfect blend of floor and ceiling.

Justin Herbert, QB, Philadelphia Eagles

Bid to top 12 overall

On the other side of this game, Justin Herbert is in a fantastic position. In Week 1 against a good defense, we saw their neutral-script pass rate increase by 5% up to 62% under a new coaching staff. The Cowboys will be missing both of their top pass rushers and cornerback Anthony Brown has been a top-five fantasy corner to pick on.

Austin Ekeler, RB, Los Angeles Chargers

Bid to top 25 overall

Austin Ekeler joined Yahoo on his weekly fantasy football podcast and talked about how he didn’t catch passes cause — he was chipping on pass plays to try and protect rookie left tackle Rashawn Slater. He said they realized as a team he doesn’t need help and expects to catch a lot of balls this week. 

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Justin Jefferson, WR, Minnesota Vikings

Bid to top 25 overall

Last week, we were on the Titans receivers because of how bad the Cardinals secondary is, but that flopped. We go right back to the well — Robert Alford didn’t get any better, Chandler Jones and the pass rush just bailed them out. Jefferson is an excellent manbeater, and his quarterback Kirk Cousins has dominated man coverage in his career, while only one team ran more man coverage than the Arizona Cardinals last season. 

Jalen Guyton, WR, Los Angeles Chargers

Bid to $2

Jalen Guyton is a player I am huge on this week. He was clearly the Chargers’ No. 3 receiver and will have very little interest this weekend. Trevon Diggs projects to shadow Mike Williams, leaving Guyton to be covered by Anthony Brown, who is a big play waiting to happen. I think he has a monster game and will be priced near the bottom of all players on the slate.

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