TopProp FTNFantasy League – Week 6


TopProp Fantasy Sports is officially live, bringing you a new way to wager on fantasy football. Are you confident that you have the best team in your league? Great, bet on it. Are you confident that your league mate Bob is going to blow John out of the water this week? Great, bet on it.

Put down your group chat where you talk trash and put your money where your mouth is. That’s what TopProp gives you the ability to do. It also gives you the ability to wager on “Expert” leagues. These can be leagues made up of your favorite fantasy football analysts, industry experts, or anyone else that you simply want to wager on. One of those leagues is made up of our experts here at FTN.

Each week, I will provide you with an update on the TopProp FTN Expert League, highlighting a key matchup to wager on, recapping the last week, and reviewing the current standings of the league.

Let’s check in to the Expert League as we head into Week 6 of the NFL season.

The FTN Experts | TopProp FTN Expert League

There are 12 total participants in the TopProp FTN Expert League, listed below:

Week 5 Recap | TopProp FTN Expert League

The results from Week 5 of the Expert League are below. Unlike Week 4, Week 5 brought us a number of blowouts and a massive performance from Daniel Kelley, who posted 229.88 points. Don’t look now, but Kelley is scorching hot and steamrolling his way up the standings.

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Last week’s matchup of the week featured a tightly projected tilt between Ray Garvin and Eliot “Undefeated” Crist. Despite the tight projections, Garvin beat the brakes off Crist en route to a 40-point victory on the backs of ceiling games from Davante Adams and Myles Gaskin.

Week 6 Matchup of the Week | TopProp FTN Expert League

The matchup of the week in Week 6 features another tightly-projected contest, as TopProp has FTN CEO Kevin Adams favored by a mere two points over high-stakes expert Nelson Sousa.

This matchup features a pair of future Hall of Fame quarterbacks, despite how many times Adam continues to insist that Patrick Mahomes was an auto-draft. On top of the elite quarterbacks, this contest features a pair of elite receivers in Tyreek Hill and Stefon Diggs, as well as other high-upside options with DeAndre Hopkins, Mike Evans and Nick Chubb.

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With so much star power in this game, it’s no wonder why TopProp has it so tightly projected. Given the fact that Sousa has many players in extremely favorable matchups, I am a big fan of getting him as the 2-point underdog and will be locking that into my action this weekend.

Looking to get in on the action? Click here to sign up for TopProp and start wagering on the FTN Expert League.

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