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Prop Bet of the Day: Chase Young looking dominant as a rookie

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Looking to scratch an action itch? You bet we got you covered. Every day our ravenous bettors scour the web for their favorite player props to boost the bankroll. Today’s featured line comes from ‘The Big Noise’ himself, Brad Evans.

Chase Young OVER 8.5 sacks (-110, DraftKings

After a much-demanded nickname scrubbing and salacious allegations outlined by The Washington Post, the “Football Team” has commanded the headlines for all the wrong reasons. The publicized turmoil looms over training camp, but there is one bright spot sure to cast a positive light on the nation’s capital — No. 2 overall pick, Young. Here’s why: 

  • At 6-foot 5, 264 pounds, The Ohio State product is a physical freak. Seemingly created by a mad scientist in a state-of-the-art lab, he’s the perfect edge rusher equipped with otherworldly athleticism, prodigious size, textbook technique, variable countermoves and lightning burst. “Generational” is an overused term, but in terms of baseline skill, it applies to Young. It’s no wonder he totaled 26.5 sacks over his final 25 games with the Buckeyes.
  • History is on Young’s side. The above number appears to be a heavy lift, but since 1982, 44 players totaled nine sacks in their inaugural seasons. The other Josh Allen — a linebacker for Jacksonville — and Denver’s Bradley Chubb were the most recent QB badgerers to accomplish the feat. It’s hardly unprecedented, especially given the natural gifts and pass-rushing polish Young showcases.
  • Glancing at Washington’s offense, suffice it to say, Young will log an exhaustive number of snaps in 2020. Terry McLaurin is a special player who should top 1,000 yards, but ample questions at other positions remain. Can Dwayne Haskins, who was the least efficient passer in the league last year according to adjusted completion numbers, develop into a respectable QB overnight? It’s possible, though the odds are long. More three-and-outs, however, means more opportunities for Young to collapse pockets.

Bottom line, Young is set to terrorize golden boys for years to come. He’s a marvel with a proven Power Five track record most scouts deemed the purest talent of any player in April’s NFL draft. He, like any rookie, will need to acclimate quickly, but assuming he plays a full 16-game slate, smashing the above number is a foregone conclusion.

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