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JockMKT IPO Closing Bell Show




John Laghezza

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What is JockMKT?

JockMKT is a fantastic new fantasy football platform that combines the financial market and sports. Bidding on a player as an IPO and getting paid out where they finish on the day. Example: “If fifth place overall is worth $20, and Tom Brady finishes with the fifth-most points, then every user holding Tom Brady receives $20 per share.” It is a fun way to try and buy low on top targets that week who have big time upside and can pay off their IPO price. 

How does bidding work?

Bidding is very similar to eBay or other auction-style sites. You enter a max bid and JockMKT will only use your max bid on players if needed. If no one competes you will get the player at their initial offering. 

For more information, see our complete breakdown here.

Sunday JockMKT IPO Show

The show is listed here once it starts each Sunday around 11 AM EST. Don’t miss any JockMKT content! Follow @FTNDaily and @FTNNetwork on Twitter for all JockMKT content.

For more JockMKT picks, check out Eliot’s breakdown.

(Get a $50 deposit match with promo code FTN at JockMKT.)

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