Hall of Fantasy League – How to play and win


Fantasy football season is exciting. So exciting that you can often find yourself committing to more leagues than you have the bandwidth to manage. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a stake in a league but not be responsible for managing the roster on a week-by-week basis? 

Insert the Hall of Fantasy League.

What is the Hall of Fantasy League?

Per the league’s official website:

“The HOFL consists of 10 Football Franchises representing key markets throughout the U.S. Teams will be managed by a dedicated Front Office of fantasy experts who will compete on behalf of their respective Stakeholders.”

Pretty cool, huh? In summary, the HOFL gives you the ability to reap the benefits of a successful fantasy football team without putting the work in on a day-by-day basis. As the popular saying goes, work smarter, not harder. 

Being a stakeholder of a team doesn’t have to mean a completely hands-off approach, however. The HOFL goes on to state:

“As a Stakeholder, you’ll become part of an exclusive community that can collaborate to influence your Front Office’s decision-making, get access to exclusive content, and experience the excitement of a National Fantasy League unlike any other.”

The concept almost mirrors being a shareholder of a stock in the stock market, yet there’s potential to have even more of a say. Whether it be through stakeholder/front office collaboration, or simply sitting back and enjoying the ride, the pressure is off as you can sit back and watch your team climb the standings. 

Becoming a stakeholder

Staking a team is simple, and that’s the beauty of it. No matter how much money you decide to invest in a team, the payout structure remains the same:

1st: 6x
2nd: 2x
3rd: 1x

Not only will you have the ability to interact and collaborate with your respective general managers (of the team you staked), but also fellow stakeholders:

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You can also partake in side action, playing a game within the game. It allows you to compete in free weekly contests that pay out cash prizes by choosing head-to-head competitions, as shown below:

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Who are the teams and experts?

As noted above, the teams are based on geographical regions of the country, which each respective team and their front office outlined below (as well as in the below Twitter thread):

East Division

Atlanta Hot Wings

  • Co-General Manager: Graham Barfield, Co-Owner and Director of Analytics at Fantasy Points
  • Co-General Manager: Joe Dolan, Co-Owner and Managing Editor at Fantasy Points
  • Team Captain: Harry Douglas, 10-year NFL veteran

Boston Barflies

  • Co-General Manager: Jennifer Eatkins, Senior Editor and Writer at 4for4 Fantasy Football
  • Co-General Manager: John Paulsen, Director of Forecasting at 4for4 Fantasy Football
  • Team Captain: Patrick Chung, 11-year NFL veteran, 3x Super Bowl Champion

New York Bodega Cats

  • Co-General Manager: Scott Engel, Writer at RotoBaller
  • Co-General Manager: Raph Rabe, Co-Founder of RotoBaller
  • Team Captain: Rashad Jennings, 8-year NFL veteran

Ohio Goats

  • Co-General Manager: Michael Fabiano, Sr. Fantasy Analyst for Sports Illustrated
  • Co-General Manager: Bob Harris, Senior Editor at
  • Team Captain: Joe Thomas, 11-year NFL veteran, 10x Pro Bowler

Philadelphia Powderkegs

  • General Manager: Adam Caplan, NFL Reporter
  • Team Captain: Jason Avant, 10-year NFL veteran

West Division

Chicago Hogmollies

  • General Manager: Jeff Ratcliffe, Fantasy Sports Analyst at FTNFantasy
  • Team Captain: Eddie Royal, 9-year NFL veteran

Los Angeles Sidekicks

  • General Manager: Chris Harris, Host of the Harris Football Podcast
  • Team Captain: Ricky Proehl, 17-year NFL veteran

Seattle Haze

  • Co-General Manager: Pat Fitzmaurice, Winner of the 2020 FantasyPros’ Ranking Accuracy Contest
  • Co-General Manager: Melissa Jacobs, Founder and Managing Editor of The Football Girl (TFG)
  • Team Captain: Justin Forsett, 8-year NFL veteran

Texas Y’allers

  • Co-General Manager: Joe Bryant, CEO & Co-Founder of
  • Co-General Manager: Sigmund Bloom, Co-Owner of
  • Team Captain: Darren Woodson, 12-year NFL veteran

Vegas Pocket Kings

  • General Manager: Jeff Mans, Part-Owner, and President of Elite Sports Network
  • Team Captain: Marquette King, 7-year NFL veteran

Hall of Fantasy League FAQs

Where can I follow the league?

The HOFL is available on the web or on a mobile app, available in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

There will also be weekly coverage of the league, including league standings, stake updates and roster updates on FTNFantasy when the season gets underway. Additionally, the HOFL official podcast interviews the front offices and covers everything you need to know leading up to the draft and season.

When is the fantasy draft?

The 2021 HOFL draft is at 5 p.m. ET Aug. 15. It will be streamed live on the HOFL’s twitch page.

Where do I stake a team?

You can stake a team directly on the HOFL website by signing up with your contact information, choosing your franchise to stake, and your stake amount.

(Take advantage of the FTNFantasy Platinum package for the 2021 season!)

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