DraftKings Pick ‘Em Contest Picks for Week 1


The NFL football season is ready to kick off this week. Fantasy drafts are winding down, daily fantasy is revving up, and it’s time for one of your co-workers to send you that virtual pick sheet for the weekly office pool.

DraftKings Sportsbook has managed to take this idea to a higher level by offering bigger payouts in their version of the weekly office pool. Despite being virtual, it is essentially the same as the one many of you have been playing in for years. Every game is listed for the week and your goal is to correctly pick the winners of each game against the spread as well as whether the total will go over or under. To avoid pushes and ties, DraftKings has priced each game with a half point, meaning you will not see any pushes in this contest. The total and spread will always have a winner as it will either be over or under that half number listed.

Whoever picks the most winners, gets the biggest prize and so on down the list. This week, FTN is sponsoring a free office pool with a $20,000 prize pool. Make sure you get in as it will be the best bang for your buck all weekend (Did I mention it is free?).

Here’s my take on each game and where you can try to give yourself a leg up on the field. 



Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills

(BUF -6.5, total 50.5)

My numbers: Bills -4.5, total 48
My picks: Steelers, under 

Seattle Seahawks @ Indianapolis Colts

(SEA -1.5, total 48.5)

My numbers: Colts +0.5, total 47.5
My picks: Colts +1.5, under 

New York Jets @ Carolina Panthers

(CAR -4.5, total 42.5)

My numbers: Panthers -3, total 45
My picks: Jets, under

San Francisco 49ers @ Detroit Lions

(SF -7.5, total 45.5)

My numbers: 49ers -7.5, total 45.5
My picks: 49ers, over

Los Angeles Chargers @ Washington Football Team

(WAS -1.5, total 44.5)

My numbers: Football Team  -1.5, 43
My picks: Football Team, under

Atlanta Falcons @ Philadelphia Eagles

(ATL -3.5, total 48.5)

My numbers: Falcons -5, 50.5
My picks: Falcons, over

Arizona Cardinals @ Tennessee Titans

(TEN -2.5, total 51.5)

My numbers: Titans -2.75, 54
My picks: Titans, over

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Jacksonville Jaguars @ Houston Texans

(JAX -2.5, total 45.5)

My numbers: Jaguars -2.75, 46.5
My picks: Jaguars, Over

Minnesota Vikings @ Cincinnati Bengals

(MIN -3.5, total 48.5)

My numbers: Vikings -0.5, 51.5
My picks: Bengals, over

Green Bay Packers @ New Orleans Saints

(GB -3.5, total 50.5)

My numbers: Packers -1.5, 49
My picks: Saints, under

Cleveland Browns @ Kansas City Chiefs

(KC -6.5, total 52.5)

My numbers: Chiefs -8.25, 56.5
My picks: Chiefs, over

Denver Broncos @ New York Giants

(DEN -1.5, total 42.5)

My numbers: Giants -1, 41
My picks: Giants, under

Miami Dolphins @ New England Patriots

(NE -3.5, total 44.5)

My numbers: Patriots -1.5, 45.5
My picks: Dolphins, over

Chicago Bears @ Los Angeles Rams

(LAR -6.5, total 45.5)

My numbers: Rams -4.5, 44.5
My picks: Bears, under

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