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Aaron Schatz’s FTN Football Almanac 2023

NFL Fantasy

Available Now!

FREE Sample Chapter: Atlanta Falcons

FTN Network is thrilled to be producing Aaron Schatz’s FTN Football Almanac 2023. The best mind in fantasy football comes to FTN and brings all his wealth of knowledge from years in the industry, the creation of DVOA and so much more, and blends it with the best FTN Data has to offer to bring this year’s edition of the Almanac to you.


What’s in the book?

  • Cutting-edge statistical analysis, obsessive film study and trademark humor.
  • The gold standard for preseason NFL previews, now in its 19th season. 
  • 2023 predictions with true odds for each team’s Super Bowl run… or a contender for the top pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.
  • Groundbreaking team and player DVOA ratings that correct for situation and opponent to reveal which offenses and defenses are truly superior, and which players really help win games.
  • Award-winning fantasy football projections from Jeff Ratcliffe.
  • Comprehensive coverage of all 32 teams with week-by-week stats from the 2022 season, five-year performance trends, and analysis of offseason personnel changes.
  • Exclusive FTN Data charting data (say that five times fast), unavailable in standard NFL stats, reveal everything from which QB play best under pressure, to which teams blitz most often, to which DB’s stop the other team’s passing game, measured by pass coverage on every single player rather than just tackles.

Now Available for Download for $34.99

 Hard copy version will be available at a higher price. 

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