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UFC Fight Night MMA Betting Odds (6/3)

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The UFC will be live every weekend for the next 12 weeks. Between two PPVs, we will see fighters like Volkanovski, Yair, Moreno, Pantoja, Bo Nickal, Whittaker, Wonderboy, Holland, Lewis, Ferguson, Green, Costa, Jan, Pereira, Poirier, Gaethje and other great names that are going to put on a show. It all begins this weekend in the Apex in a main event headlined by Kai Kara-France and Amir Albazi. Two flyweight contenders are looking to get a statement win and solidify themselves among the best and get a title shot. We also get to see the return of a legend in Jim Miller as he continues his run toward UFC 300 and his retirement fight. He takes on Jersey native Jared Gordon in what should be a fun one.


There are 13 fights on the card, and I’m sure I could bet them all, but I will instead be a bit more precise, and it’s why I broke down only my favorite fights from this weekend and produced a best bet for each. All odds are per BetMGM.

Albazi vs. Kara-France Odds

Amir Albazi -105; Kai Kara-France -115

Kara-France possesses a solid striking game and has displayed excellent boxing skills. He has a quick and accurate jab, powerful hooks and a diverse arsenal of strikes that he can utilize effectively in close quarters and at a distance. One of Kara-France’s notable strengths is his high-level cardio and ability to maintain a relentless pace throughout the fight. He often pushes forward, putting constant pressure on his opponents, making it difficult for them to find their rhythm and implement their game plan. Kara-France has showcased solid takedown defense in his fights. He has good balance and sprawl, making it challenging for his opponents to take him down and control him on the ground. Kara-France is skilled at countering his opponents’ strikes, capitalizing on their openings, and landing powerful counter shots. His ability to read his opponents’ movements and react quickly allows him to find opportunities to land significant strikes while avoiding damage. Kara-France has accumulated a wealth of experience throughout his professional career, contributing to his overall fight IQ. He has shown the ability to make intelligent decisions inside the octagon, adapt to different opponents, and adjust his strategy during the fight. All things that he will need against the pressure of Albazi. 

Albazi is known for his well-rounded skills, encompassing striking, grappling and submission techniques. He has trained extensively in various martial arts disciplines, allowing him to be comfortable in all areas of the fight. Albazi possesses good striking abilities, including crisp boxing techniques. He throws a diverse range of strikes precisely, often targeting his opponent’s head and body to score points or set up takedowns. Albazi’s grappling skills are solid. He has a solid wrestling base and is adept at controlling his opponents on the ground. Albazi also displays a high level of technical proficiency in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, often seeking submissions or maintaining dominant positions. Albazi has a reputation as a dangerous submission artist. He has many submission techniques in his arsenal and is skilled at securing submissions from various positions, such as chokes and joint locks. Albazi demonstrates good awareness inside the octagon, reading his opponent’s movements and adjusting his strategy accordingly. He can capitalize on his opponent’s mistakes and find openings to exploit. Albazi has showcased solid cardio and endurance, allowing him to maintain a high pace throughout the fight. This helps him to implement his game plan and apply pressure on his opponents. This fight will have a lot of scrambles and exciting moments, but in the end, I believe Albazi is too good on the ground for Kara-France. Over 25 minutes, the first couple of attempts may be negated, but eventually, without many advantages in this fight, I see Kai succumbing to Albazis’ pressure. 

Bet: Amir Albazi ML -105

Caceres vs. Pineda Odds

Alex Caceres -175; Daniel Pineda +155

Caceres is known for his unorthodox and flashy striking style. He incorporates various techniques, including spinning kicks, spinning back fists and creative combinations. His ability to surprise opponents with unpredictable strikes can make it difficult for them to anticipate his movements. Caceres has showcased a solid ground game throughout his career. He is comfortable fighting off his back and has good submission skills, particularly with chokes. He can also work his way back to his feet when taken down, showcasing his versatility in different aspects of the fight. Caceres is an active and agile fighter. He utilizes his footwork and movement effectively to create angles and avoid getting hit. His agility allows him to dodge strikes and launch counterattacks quickly and accurately. While Caceres initially struggled with his wrestling defense earlier in his career, he has improved. He has become more adept at sprawling, defending takedowns, and maintaining better control in the clinch.

Caceres has a wealth of experience in the UFC, contributing to his ability to adapt during fights. He has faced a wide range of opponents and has shown the capacity to adjust his strategy and game plan accordingly, making him a tough fighter to predict. Stepping in to challenge Bruce Lee Roy is Daniel Pineda. Pineda possesses solid striking skills, showcasing a diverse array of striking techniques. He throws powerful punches, kicks and knees, often aiming to finish his opponents with explosive combinations. Pineda has shown good accuracy and can generate significant power in his strikes. Pineda is known for his strong grappling and submission skills. He has a background in Brazilian jiujitsu and has showcased an impressive ability to secure submissions during his fights. Pineda is adept at catching opponents in submissions from various positions, such as chokes and joint locks, and has a notable submission win record. 

Pineda is particularly effective when he takes the fight to the ground. He displays good control and positioning, making it difficult for his opponents to escape or mount an offense. Pineda is skilled at transitioning between dominant positions and advancing to secure submissions. Pineda has demonstrated durability and resilience in his fights. He has shown the ability to absorb strikes and maintain his composure, often coming back from challenging situations. Pineda’s ability to weather adversity and stay in the fight can work to his advantage. Pineda typically sets a high pace and applies pressure on his opponents. He pushes forward aggressively, constantly looking for openings to engage and dictate the flow of the fight. Pineda’s relentless approach can overwhelm opponents and make it challenging for them to establish their offense. This is a classic striker vs. grappler matchup, and both fighters are well-rounded and experienced enough to show why they still belong in the UFC. I can’t see a title run for Pineda’s future, but a win for Bruce Lee Roy will keep his current win streak alive and toward a title run. 

Bet: Caceres vs. Pineda under 2.5 rounds -130/Caceres by KO/TKO or submission +150


Miller vs. Gordon Odds

Jim Miller +145; Jared Gordon -175

Miller has solid striking skills, with a focus on boxing techniques. He possesses good hand speed and accuracy, often working combinations to target his opponents’ heads and bodies. While his striking is effective, Miller’s grappling skills are considered his strongest suit. Miller is widely recognized for his exceptional grappling and submission abilities. He holds a black belt in Brazilian jiujitsu and has high technical proficiency on the ground. Miller has secured numerous submission victories throughout his career, including various chokes and joint locks. Miller’s experience is one of his greatest assets. He has an extensive professional career in the UFC and has faced some of the best fighters in the lightweight division. This experience has sharpened his fight IQ, enabling him to make intelligent decisions inside the octagon and adapt to different opponents’ styles. Miller is known for his exceptional cardio and endurance. He can maintain a high pace throughout the fight, often pushing the pace and imposing his will on opponents. His conditioning allows him to perform well even in longer fights consistently. Although with age and his fighting these days to win an Ironman trophy. It’s beginning to get harder to survive through the tough battles. I love Jim Miller, but I can’t see him winning this fight if he can’t get it to the mat, and even if he does, he would have to get it there off the mistake of Gordon. Both guys are veterans and have been in the UFC for some time, but the mileage on Miller will surely catch up one day, and that’s what I believe is starting to happen. Jim went on a three-fight win streak that revived his career after his last fight, where he was beaten every round easily. You could argue that Jared shouldn’t be fighting after suffering an accidental head butt in his previous fight just three weeks ago. Yet I still think this matchup is good for Gordon as his output nearly triples Millers, and he has the grappling chops to stuff takedowns and keep himself out of danger. From a betting perspective, I will side with violence and take the fight not to go the distance at even money. 

Bet: Gordon vs. Miller FDGTD +100 

Altamirano vs. Elliott Odds 

Victor Altamirano +145; Tim Elliott -175

Elliott is known for his unorthodox and unpredictable striking style. He utilizes a wide variety of strikes, incorporating spinning techniques, wild angles and unique combinations. His striking style often aims to disrupt his opponents’ rhythm and create opportunities for takedowns. Elliott has a strong wrestling background and demonstrates excellent grappling skills. He has showcased impressive takedowns, trips and throws, often utilizing his athleticism and strength to control his opponents on the ground. Elliott is skilled at securing dominant positions and has a knack for scrambling, making it challenging for his opponents to escape or mount an offense. One of Elliott’s notable attributes is his high work rate and relentless pace. He often pushes forward, putting constant pressure on his opponents and forcing them to defend or engage. His cardio and endurance allow him to maintain a frenetic pace throughout the fight. Elliott is dangerous on the ground and has a knack for securing submissions. He has a diverse submission arsenal and is skilled at finding openings to catch opponents in chokes or joint locks.

Additionally, he possesses solid submission defense, making it difficult for opponents to submit him. Elliott has demonstrated durability and toughness throughout his career. He has shown the ability to absorb strikes and keep pushing forward, even in tough situations. His resilience allows him to weather adversity and continue fighting at a high level. Elliott is a legend of the sport, and at 36 and with a lot of outside drama coming into this fight, I expect him to put forth an inspiring performance. Still, even he was quoted saying that he understands that in his old age and in this division where you have to be fast, he may be a step slow now. Victor Altamirano is stepping in on short notice, and last fought only a month ago. Similar to Elliott, he has a peculiar style that is hard to replicate and is predicated on applying pressure and volume. Altamirano had a four-inch reach advantage, and out of the two strange styles, I’d have to side with Victor having the better stand-up. He also defends takedowns well, and once Elliott’s gas tank starts to waiver, Victor can capitalize and pour on volume. Altamirano averages double the significant strikes and has a solid chin. This fight will be a scrap, and in the end, it can be a coin flip. I will side with the young gun as the slight underdog and expect him to perform well against the old vet. 

Bet: Victor Altamirano ML +145 

Mullarkey vs. Naimov Odds

Jamie Mullarkey -500; Muhammadjon Naimov +385

Mullarkey possesses solid striking skills, particularly in his boxing. He generates significant power in his strikes, often looking to land heavy shots to finish his opponents. His punching ability makes him a threat on the feet and allows him to dictate the stand-up exchanges. Mullarkey is known for his aggressive fighting style. He pushes forward, applying constant pressure on his opponents and looking for opportunities to engage in striking exchanges or initiate grappling exchanges. His aggressive approach often forces opponents into defensive positions. Mullarkey has a background in wrestling and demonstrates good takedown skills. He utilizes his wrestling to secure takedowns and control opponents on the ground. Once on the mat, he showcases effective ground-and-pound and can transition to dominant positions and secure submissions. Mullarkey has demonstrated durability and toughness in his fights. He has shown the ability to absorb strikes and keep pushing forward, even in challenging situations. His resilience allows him to weather adversity and continue fighting with determination.

Mullarkey has won his fights by knockout 63% of the time, and it’s because of that willingness to strike that puts him in the line of fire, and sometimes it doesn’t end well. Mullarkey is on a two-fight win streak with a short replacement fighter stepping in against him. I’m not sure that his -500 line is warranted, but I agree that he should be the favorite. Muhammadjon steps into the cage on short notice after Mullarkey’s original opponent had to cancel due to visa issues. Naimov is good and poses a threat because of his aggressive style and knockout power. But if you look at the talent, he has fought on his way to the UFC, it isn’t good. And it’s a big difference from what Mullarkey has seen in the octagon. Mullarkey has a four-inch reach advantage, experience, and an entire fight camp behind him. As long as he can keep away from the power of Naimov, I can see this fight ending early and under two and a half rounds. 

Bet: Mullarkey vs. Naimov under 2.5 rounds -165

Nurmagomedov vs. Zaleski dos Santos Odds

Abubakar Nurmagomedov -110; Elizeu Zaleski dos Santos -110

Nurmagomedov has a strong background in sambo, A Russian martial art known for its emphasis on throws, takedowns, and ground fighting. His sambo skills contribute to his grappling prowess and ability to control opponents on the ground. Similar to his cousin Khabib, Nurmagomedov is a skilled wrestler and excels in securing takedowns. Once on the ground, he showcases effective ground control and positional dominance. He is adept at transitioning between positions and maintaining top control, making it difficult for opponents to escape or launch their offense. While Nurmagomedov’s primary strengths lie in grappling, he also possesses respectable striking abilities. He has good power in his punches and can deliver significant strikes when engaging in stand-up exchanges. Nurmagomedov is known for his aggressive fighting style and relentless pressure. He consistently moves forward, applying constant pressure on his opponents and looking for opportunities to close the distance and initiate grappling exchanges. Nurmagomedov has a solid fighting IQ, able to adapt to his opponent’s strengths and exploit their weaknesses. He makes calculated decisions inside the cage, adjusting his strategy as the fight progresses to secure advantageous positions or capitalize on openings. I expect openings will be there when Elizeu Zaleski, aka Capoeira, steps into the octagon.

Zaleski is not as calculated as Nurmagomedov, and Zaleski and his aggressive style will provide the fireworks in this fight. Zaleski is known for his dynamic and exciting striking style, which incorporates elements of Capoeira, a Brazilian martial art that combines dance, acrobatics and strikes. He utilizes spinning kicks, spinning back fists and unorthodox angles to surprise opponents and create openings. These openings will be dangerous but also will allow Nurmagomedov to catch a kick (hopefully not with his head) and take Zaleski down and dominate. Zaleski possesses notable knockout power in his strikes. He has demonstrated the ability to finish fights with powerful punches and kicks, often capitalizing on his opponents’ openings. His striking power makes him a threat throughout the contest. Zaleski has showcased solid takedown defense in his fights. He possesses good balance and footwork, making it difficult for opponents to secure takedowns and control him on the ground. His takedown defense allows him to keep the fight in his preferred striking range.

Still, I expect Abubakar to find the takedown, and perhaps he doesn’t hold down Zaleski on the first takedown. Once he can gain complete control, I can see it becoming a long night for Zaleski or short if he’s unable to handle the pressure from Nurmagomedov. Zaleski is known for his aggressive fighting style. He pushes forward, often engaging in heated exchanges and seeking to dictate the fight’s pace. His aggressive approach, combined with his dynamic striking, makes his fights highly entertaining for fans. While Zaleski’s striking is his standout skill, he also possesses skills in Brazilian jiujitsu. He has secured submission victories in his career, displaying proficiency in chokes and joint locks. However, he often prefers to keep the fight standing and utilize his striking skills. For that reason, I will side with Nurmagomedov because I believe that Zaleski will get careless in the standup and make a mistake and end up on the canvas in a bad position. Sure, he possesses the knowledge to defend well, but when you prefer to strike, then more often than not, it’s because you only use your grappling defensively the majority of the time. Zaleski only has won by submission twice in twenty fights and has won by knockout 61% of the time. Nurmagomedov avoids the power and takes this fight to the ground and a possible finish in the second or third round. 

Bet: Abubakar Nurmagomedov ML -110 

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