Whitestone’s Waiver Watch: NFBC Main Event (6/26)


Welcome to my weekly Main Event recap article. Each week, I’ll dig into the top free agents added in this premiere fantasy baseball contest, letting you know who was added in the most leagues, how much money was spent and more. In addition, we’ll revisit the top pickups from three weeks ago and even scan the Main Event overall standings to see who’s at the top. And this week we are marking the fact that we’re halfway through the season (or pretty close at 48%). Maybe not a cause for celebration, as Homer Simpson seems to think, but it’s still noteworthy nevertheless.


MLB Counter: 48.0% of the season complete

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Updated MLB Stats

I am planning to alternate this overall MLB pitching and hitting stats with the 80% Main Event target update in this section moving forward, since there is less movement in the numbers now. So next week we will check in on those 80% levels for the year to date.

But below I’ve also updated the runs scored, home runs and batting average for this year (through Sunday), and they are shown below compared to the 2017-2022 period. Over the past couple of weeks, runs per game have edged up just a little to 4.55 (from 4.54) but home runs and batting average have been steady. Stolen bases also are up to 0.73 per game from 0.72, and the success rate is holding at 80%. This is still a remarkable shift from the 0.51 stolen bases per game from just a season ago. In the second chart below, the pitching stats show that strikeouts have trended up to 8.59 (from 8.56 two weeks back), which of course is a big rebound from the 8.40 of last year. However, an overlooked stat has been the unintentional walks per game — now at 3.28 from 3.06 last season. Perhaps this is an outgrowth of the pitch clock, but it means that the leaguewide K:BB ratio is worse than 2022 despite more strikeouts.

MLB Hitting Stats Runs/Game Home Runs Batting Average Stolen Bases/Game SB Success Rate
2023 YTD 4.55 1.14 .248 0.73 0.80
2022 4.28 1.07 .243 0.51 0.75
2021 4.53 1.22 .244 0.46 0.76
2020 4.65 1.28 .245 0.49 0.75
2019 4.83 1.39 .252 0.47 0.73
2018 4.65 1.15 .248 0.51 0.72
2017 4.65 1.26 .255 0.52 0.73
MLB Pitching Stats MLB WHIP Strikeouts/Game Unintentional Walks/Game K:BB Ratio
2023 YTD 1.31 8.59 3.28 2.62
2022 1.27 8.40 3.06 2.75
2021 1.30 8.68 3.25 2.67
2020 1.33 8.68 3.39 2.56
2019 1.33 8.81 3.27 2.69
2018 1.30 8.48 3.32 2.55
2017 1.34 8.25 3.26 2.53

Most Common FAAB Pickups in the Main Event: Shooter McGavin

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The 10 widest acquisitions are in the chart below, and because Main Event owners are contractually obligated to have a rookie starting pitcher as the top acquisition, we have Gavin Williams of Cleveland as the leader this week. Shooter was added in all 53 leagues; Pittsburgh catching prospect Henry Davis was not far behind. Williams was still the leader, with a high of $228, while Davis had a high bid of $137. Then we did have a veteran presence beyond that, as Joey Votto returned with a bang and Main Event managers added him in 47 leagues. Next was Alek Thomas, who just might get regular playing time in Phoenix, while the hope of stolen bases vaulted speedster David Hamilton of the Red Sox into fifth overall as he was picked up in 43 leagues.

Added in Most Main Event Leagues Leagues Added Reason Highest Winning Bid Lowest Winning Bid
Gavin Williams 53 A new rookie pitcher! 228 28
Henry Davis 52 Young PIT C Prospect 137 2
Joey Votto 47 Fountain of Youth? 112 8
Alek Thomas 46 Back in AZ 72 1
David Hamilton 43 Speed in BOS 34 1
Andy Ibáñez 37 Hitting well in DET 24 1
David Peterson 37 Back from the minors 23 1
Jhony Brito 37 Two starts for NYY 21 1
Matt Manning 28 Almost ready in DET 33 1
Brandon Pfaadt 27 Could he be back? 28 1

The Century Club

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In the 14th FAAB run (see below), there were four $200-plus successful bids as they drift away from our consciousness (up from zero, though) — and 42 over $100 (with 32 of these 42 for Williams and five for Davis). As you can see below, we’ve had 528 total winning bids over $200 (which may be about the final total) and 1,250 total $100-plus winning bids in the first thirteen weeks of FAAB. It’s interesting to think that of the 795 Main Event managers, two-thirds on average have had one $200-plus winning bid and each manager on average has had 1-2 $100-199 winning bids. Some managers have gone more “stars and scrubs” and have more than one $200 player, while others haven’t gone above $200 at all and are content with $100 and below.

Weekly Summary (FAAB Date) Winning Bids Over $200 Winning Bids Over $100
3/26 2 13
4/3 24 80
4/10 27 98
4/17 66 149
4/24 37 102
4/30 79 151
5/7 86 147
5/14 61 117
5/21 11 75
5/28 44 66
6/4 29 59
6/11 58 123
6/18 0 28
6/25 4 42
YTD 528 1250

The Wow Bid of the Week

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So, who attracted the highest single bid of the week? Of course, it is no surprise that the highest winning bid was for Gavin Williams — but this week is our first “wow” bid of the with an exact tie. The top winning bid was $228 by two separate managers, which beat the $145 and $138 runner-up amounts. The magical $228 worked!

FAAB Summary