The Best March Madness Sportsbook Promos for the 2022 NCAA Tournament


The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is one of the most watched sporting events on the planet. That also means it is one of the most heavily targeted by advertising partners of the NCAA and major cable networks. The sports books are one of those ad partners. The amount of money they are spending on the tournament is enormous. Some of which they plan to give directly to their betting customers. 


The difference between your favorite brand of beer and an online sports book is that only one of those advertisers will actually pay you to try out their product. Every major sportsbook has a March Madness incentive offer. Some kind of deposit bonus or risk-free bet offer to entice you to sign up. In fact, if you add up all the bonus money available, it totals more than $5,500 in potential free money that any customer can claim. 

The NCAA tournament is three weeks long with multiple games per day from Thursday through Sunday. That means we have a lot of wagering opportunities over the next few weeks. A savvy bettor would be wise to max out the deposit bonus on each of these books if they plan on wagering throughout the tournament. I would start building a bankroll by maxing out the smaller $250 deposit bonuses and making the required bets to build that bankroll. Once the bankroll is big enough, you can sign up for one of the books with the max bonus of $1,000 or more. 

Remember this is free money for doing something you were likely to do anyway. Why fund an account on a book you already use when you can fund a new account and get twice the wagering power? Or a guarantee that even if you lose, they will refund your bet with a free bet for the same amount. Remember even good handicappers lose sometimes, but it’s a lot easier to be a winning bettor when you got a second chance or the ability to play with the house’s money. If you like the idea of free money, here are links below:


March Madness Bonus Offers

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