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How to get paid to watch the March Madness men’s tourney

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The NCAA men’s basketball tournament, March Madness, is second only to the Super Bowl in terms of betting interest from the casual fan. I know this, you know this, and the sportsbooks absolutely know this as well. Every single one of them has some kind of bonus, boost or free bet option this weekend.

If your weekend plans are like mine, they revolve around a lot of watching and gambling on college basketball games. If you are going to gamble anyway, you might as well take advantage of all the free money promotions that are being thrown around. Not only is this going to be a fun weekend, but here’s how you can make it profitable as well. 

Bonus at UniBet Sportsbook 

Unibet has two bonuses everyone should take advantage of this weekend. The first is a 100% live odds boost on any in-game bet. The max bet is $25. If one of your Sweet Sixteen teams starts off cold, this is a good way to not only grab a good price on a favorite, but also get it with the value of a massively mispriced number. 

The second Unibet boost is one of my favorites. If you bet at least $50 on a moneyline, they are offering a $3 bonus for every 3-pointer the team you bet on makes in that game. Best case scenario, you cash your bet and get better value because of the 3-point bonus. Worst case scenario you lose your bet, but at least get some of your money back as a hedge because of that bonus. They do not offer this on every game, but you should be putting money on every game they do offer it with that risk/reward equation. Make sure to check out the FTN Bets March Madness Coverage if you need help figuring out who to bet on. 

Free money at PointsBet

The PointsBet Sportsbook is literally going to pay you to play on their platform. This is not a typo — they are offering rake back on all bets until Monday (it started Thursday). The more you bet, the more you get back. Check out the chart below:

PointsBet also has a nice sign up bonus where a $20 bet and will earn $150 in free bets if your team scores a single point. It’s not technically guaranteed, but if you are so bad at gambling that you happen to bet on a basketball team that does not score a single point in a 40-minute game, you should probably stop betting anyway. 

PointsBet also has some free bet protection if you have a parlay of at least $25 and at least four teams that hits all but one leg. I’m not a huge fan of the YOLO parlays, but if you are going to play them, it’s better to have that insurance when you do. 

BetMGM Bet All Day

This is one of those insane deals I had to stop and read five times. BetMGM will offer you a $10 free bet on every game of the first day of the tournament if you bet $10 or more on any game. It gets even better in the second round as the bet doubles to $20 and so do the free bets you earn off that $20. You will not find better value for your gambling dollars and it would be tough to not turn a profit on this one. If you are not a heavy gambler, but just like having some action, this one is a no-brainer boost. 

If you like parlays, BetMGM is another good option for a place to play them. They are giving customers multiple 10% boosts daily throughout the first weekend of the Big Dance. They also have a $500 deposit bonus match, so get over there and sign up this weekend if you do not already have an account. 

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