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FTN Sports Betting Tracker: Today’s Best Bets

What is the FTN Sports Betting Tracker, or Bet Tracker?

FTN’s Sports Betting Tracker, or Bet Tracker for short, is the one-stop-shot for our customers to see all of the latest bets made by our experts and analysts.

The bet tracker features all of our bets from NFL, MLB, NBA, PGA, CBB, CFB, and all of the other sports you love to bet on, across all major bet types, like totals, sides, props, futures, and parlays.

Why should you use the FTN Bet Tracker?

You don’t have to shop around on Twitter anymore for randoms offering betting “advice.” Or hope that your favorite expert drops a free bet tip. Or read between the lines in a curated Twitter feed of a bunch of your favorite experts.

The FTN Bet Tracker does all of that for you, and we get rid of all of the opacity and guesswork. We tell you who made the bet, what bet they made, and how much they bet. It’s all in one place, and it’s really simple to understand in a single chart.

How to use the FTN Bet Tracker

It’s a simple tool that you’ll understand within seconds of getting your hands on it. Choose your sport, select your sharp (or choose “All” to see every bet from every FTN analyst), and select your bet type.

Our dynamic Bet Tracker chart will update based on your selections to show you recent and upcoming bets made by our team.

Peruse the bets, see which ones you feel strongest about, and tail your favorite sharp (or bet against them!).

Transparency is king at FTN

We don’t just show you the bets and call it a day. We tell you who made the bet, how much they bet, and whether the bet resulted in a win or a loss. We don’t pretend to win every single bet, and we definitely keep track.

For example, Marshall Gershon bet that the Lakers were going to Win the NBA finals last year (wrong!). But he also thought they were going to win a playoffs series (right!). All of the wins and losses remain written in stone on the Bet Tracker.

We also keep track of the team’s success during specific seasons and all-time by showing a current season unit win/loss tracker, as well as an all-time unit win/loss tracker for each sharp. You can also look at our success during any custom period of time!